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Track of the Day: The Flexican – Come to Me

Today’s Track of the Day comes to us from an eclectic hit-making producer who has spent some time away from the limelight only to return in glorious fashion with his new single “Come to Me.” Born in Mexico City and educated in Amsterdam, The Flexican was jettisoned to international stardom in 2013, when a chance collaboration with Major Lazer unfolded in one of the biggest hits of the groups storied career “Watch Out For This (Bumaye)”, a re-rub of the Flexican’s 2005 release “Bumaye.” After the release of his solo album “New Moon” in 2016, the Flexican took a hiatus from the world of production. Up until now he has only appeared in limited capacity alongside fellow Amsterdam based artists including Wantigga, JAËL, and Jengi on their collaborative EPs “ME 目” and “Les demoiselles d’Avignon.”

The Flexican recently returned in full form earlier this month with a brand new single “Come to Me.” Returning to his DJ roots, he spent an extended amount of time doing some crate digging through the iconic Fania Records collection and found some prime samples to inspire what would become “Come to Me.” The single is a fun and eclectic sounding record featuring Latin rhythms, Feliciana’s enticing vocals and The Flexicans impeccable beat-making ability and production instincts.”Come to Me” is a vibrant and feel good track perfectly fitting for the end of Summer and serving testament to the fact that the Flexican is back and as sharp as ever. For more from the Flexican, check him out on Spotify, listent to the full “Come to Me” EP here, and keep your eyes peeled for a special guest mix coming soon to LAMP.

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