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Track of the Day feat. Shadow Child and Man Without A Clue


Happy Cinco de Mayo! Unfortunately I don’t have anything prepared for this holiday apart from two amazing tracks that I’m really digging right now, and the first has a FREE Download!

Our LAMP presents: Plastic Plates event at the Wilshire was phenomenal, tons of great energy, lots happy feet and incredible sets from Templeton, Brooks & Millar, and of course or Plastic Plates. Also a huge thanks to our friends over at degrade.LA for bringing their crew heavy in the front room. It’s safe to say that no one left the venue unsatisfied.

Baiya (Shadow Child Remix) – Delphic

I can never get enough of anything that Shadow Child puts out, and this uptempo house remix of Delphic’s break beat electro rock tune is no slouch! Listening to the original you can see what bits of the song really stuck in SC’s mind when composing this remix, especially that symphony of violins. The lead into the first drop is beautifully crafted and will get any stationary body in motion.

When I Play this Record – Man Without A Clue

This track really has it all, a solid dancefloor beat, simple arrangement and of course an amazing vocal track to ward off any would be party goers looking to put in that all important request during your set. MWAC aka Alex van der Meijden has gone through several identity changes throughout his career, from the tech house sounds as Alex Sandrino to producing his 1st hip-hop beat at age 11. Being interested in a plethora of music genres has been a bit of hindrance to MWAC’s public success, and it proved difficult for him to find a clear direction. However, with this new moniker and arsenal of orignals and edits, I don’t think he’s going to have to wait much longer to get his.

Also the interview by DFTD’s Hannah Thomas with the artist is a good read 🙂


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