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Track of the Day feat. Dusky, The Beatangers, and Tapesh


Today we’ve got a triple threat #trackoftheday for your ears as we dive into some more European producers!

Careless – Dusky

For the better part of a decade Alfie Granger-Howell and Nick Harriman have been producing and remixing tracks spanning 90’s house, drum and bass, progressive and some of the darker corners of techno. They’ve received recognition from a plethora of top Radio DJs and industry figureheads, and continue to produce outstanding work. Their relationship stems from a friendship forged in the early days of “sixth form college” (the later stage equivalent of the US high school system). It is from that longstanding partnership that their impressive collection of work demonstrates a true bond and understanding of collaboration. Careless came out on the similar titled Careless EP at the end of last year. I had this stored up in my library waiting for a moment to use it, and for this weeks mix it nestles in quite nicely. The track harkens back to the smooth 90s house rhythm and simple vocal loops that seamless fade in and out of the song. Airy synths and clean round out an a fantastic house track.

What’s That Sound – The Beatangers

Not usually something I do or need to but, SHOUTOUT to Soundcloud’s recommended tracks for this one! I was actually sifting through some Tapesh tunes, who I’ll talk about next, when I saw this track popup. This french group dropped Get Up Everybody EP below on LouLou Records at the end of last year and continue to put out some awesome remixes such as The Chemical Brothers – The Salmon Dance (The Beatangers & Boogie Vice Remix) and Nikitin – This My Shit (The Beatangers Remix). Keep an eye on these cats as I have a feeling this year will be hearing a lot more from them.

Boogie Men – Tapesh

Talk about some deep bass, the intro to this song makes me a warm and fuzzy especially when that first drop kicks in. Simple, clean and such a fun track to play LOUD on some decent speakers. If I can I will almost always try and find a way to play this track in a set. First of all I love this guy’s aesthetic, so kudos to whomever he works with to design his graphics! Hailing originally from Hamburg but currently residing in Düsseldorf, this purveyor of funk and and disco has a knack for putting a modern polish on some classic disco sounds that make his aesthetic very unique. There are hints of breakbeats and even hip hop influences in some of his other tracks and remixes that show the diversity and range of this exciting producer.


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