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Track of the Day: Enzo Siragusa & Martin Buttrich – Apache

Gonna try to sneak this one in here before everyone gets going for the weekend. Enzo Siragusa & Martin Buttrich are two names that are high on my list when it comes to quality and consistency in the house and techno realms. Recently the two collaborated to release a three track EP on Enzo’s ever popular and growing label Fuse London. Born from a Sunday afternoon kickback 10 years ago Enzo and his crew are getting ready to celebrate a decade of hard work and you can be certain you will be hearing this and the other tracks from this EP if you are lucky enough to be over in the UK for their upcoming 10 year anniversary series of events coming up. The Ep title Three Squared is designed to subtly set dance floors ablaze. Each track and their unique grooves infectiously make their way through every inch of your body and before you know it even if you didn’t think you wanted to you are dancing. Apache perfectly encapsulates this feeling and is today’s track of the day.

The track jumps right off with a growling bass line and a simple little groove comprised of Kick and Hi-hat. A classic surf guitar slices through the groove after a few bars and sets a few more pieces of the track into motion progressively adding precs and little drum elements to the mix. Once again a friendly Surf Guitar slices through the mix introducing the the main chorus of the track comprised of a couple wispy pads and echoing lead synth that makes me picture a wise owl roosting above the dance floor hooting his approval to the beat. THere is a really nice flow to this song from one phrase to the next. Overall the simplicity of it all is what makes it so enjoyable. It does not need to be all up in your face sometimes to make you want to let loose and get funky on the dancefloor with your friends. I think this Track and EP are a perfect example of the type of music that will keep dancefloors moving for another 10 years. Grab your copy here and check out FUSE London for more info on their parties and events.

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