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Track of the Day: Einmusik – Words in Reverse

In anticipation of his upcoming show this Wednesday at Station 1640 in Hollywood I wanted to share with you one of Einmusik’s latest singles, “Words In Reverse” from his new EP Lodestone. Having been a huge fan of his productions and labels Einmusika and the home of Lodestone Ein2 it is going to be a great pleasure to have the LAMP family and myself there to support what is sure to be in intimate night of musical journeys. His sound is gaining popularity but he is far from being well know here in the U.S. Ein2 along with his main label Einmusika has been a steady presence in my record crates for several years now. With artists such as Jonas Saalbach, Phillip Kempnich and many others putting forth some of the best music on the planet in my opinion. There is always a story with the music. It takes you places. I cant say which places because I am sure it is different for every set of ears, but the journey and destination are always an enjoyable one.

Words In Reverse is one of two new originals from the Lodestone EP. Staring of with whimsical pads and a punchy kick we quickly settle in for the ride as the groove fills in with high hats and cymbal hits that bounce around effortlessly throughout the mix. A gritty bass line begins stabbing its way in and takes control of the mix which leads to a host of different instruments accompanying and building off it. This all culminates with a splendid moment of beauty and harmony in the bridge before Einmusik brings us back to the groove and continues us on another magnificent journey of sound. Make sure to check out the rest of this amaizing EP below and come see him this Wednesday along with LAMP artists Yosi Sela, MR PUZL, and PZB at Clinic X LAMP pres. Einmusik (Live) Hit the flyer below for more tickets and more info.

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