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Track of the Day: Durante – Orbital Frame

One of our good friends and contributing artists to Los Angeles Music Project in the past is the extremely talented Durante. Last year he joined forces with Amtrac to start the label Openers. Between the two of them they make up the majority of the releases they have had over the last year and it has become a regular stop in my music digging campaigns. In addition they have developed a fun and successful series of events here in Los Angeles featuring some incredible lineups. Durante has always been one we are keeping a close eye on. He is so smart musically and has a passion for it that I rarely come across. His latest release is a single called Orbital Frame and is our track of the day.

Only a few days old now and I have had this track on repeat since MR PUZL shared it with me the other day. One of the things I love about Durante is his knowledge of music new and old. It is always fun to listen to a Durante set or see him play live because you are sure to get a very well thought out set that is made up of quality music both new and old. He is one of the few producer/DJ’s that continually catches me off guard with his track selection. You can always count on him to drop an old classic track that very few people know but it is always appropriate for the time and place. Something that just grabs your attention and generally puts a smile on your face. That is how I feel about this song. It has such a classic feel and fun vibe to it. A tribal groove that sort of feels like the jungle at night sets us off on our journey as we eventually meet our tour guide, a bright and airy arpeggio that carries us along throughout the rest of the song. As our journey moves further along we are introduced to a stabbing bass line adding to the drive of the groove and I love all of the little percs and there is all kinds of little sounds and fx that remind me of bird calls from the jungle. Fully progressive in nature it really takes me back to some of the stuff I was listening to in the early 2000’s from John Digweed and John 00 Fleming and many other legendary producers of the time. Keep an eye out for more from Durante on Openers and check out a few other releases from the label below.

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