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Track of the Day: DJ Koze – Seeing Aliens

If you have been paying attention this week you will probably have noticed I took on the mix this week for LAMP. I had a lot of fun putting it together. One track that stands out to me is “Seeing Aliens” by DJ Koze for Pampa Records. This producer is one to check up on for sure if you are not familiar. Hailing from Hamburg the eclectic artist has been sharing his talents going back multiple decades and has seen success across multiple genres. The first time I actually listened to this track was while I was preparing the mix and I was so taken back by the song. It created a swell of emotion in me that rarely occurs in that space (alone and skimming music in the studio). So much so that I was compelled to rewind and listen again just to be sure it wasn’t like acid flashback or something. The emotional impact was exactly the same the second time and has been each time subsequently.

There is no mistaking when this song enters your ears. Trumpeting synths introduce a soft break beat groove that pulsates underneath a menagerie of pads and white noise. That is just the first few bars of the song. Get strapped in because this track is going to take you to musical parts unknown. There is so much dynamic to this piece. It really feels as if it is physically moving my body at certain points with the way the bass line and and groove play with one another. Some other parts that really stick out to me are the piano almost harpsichord sounding chord stabs that give the song a real bright and uplifting vibe. It all feels like some sort of grand adventure filled with moments of struggle and moments of triumph that pays off at the end in a moment of pure musical enjoyment and a feeling of bliss. This is an early preview of what is to be a full 2x LP out later this year on Pampa Records. Give them both a listen and enjoy.

DJ Koze – knock knock album out May 4th, 2018
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