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Track of the Day: Dimitri Veimar – Krondsh

So I am going to go out on a limb here and guess that most of you are not very familiar, if at all with Dimitri Veimar. As a regular follower of Turbo Recording I have come across his music here before along with many other places. My first exposure to Veimar was a remix he did for the Deadstock 33’s on Gomma records several years back. Along the way he has remixed some incredible artists including Daniel Avery and Danny Daze to name a couple. He is following up his last release on the label, a 5 track EP that hit Turbo December of 2017. Today he has a new single Krondsh that was just dropped in anticipation of the upcoming release on June 22nd.

The Russian born floor filling master has put together an incredibly fun and engaging track for you in Krondsh. From the opening bar I was drawn in by the intricately designed groove, finding myself getting lost in the myriad of different percussive elements moving around in the mix, with a mildly detuned pad and a few other elements that really fill out the full spectrum of sounds. This builds us up in preparation for the bass line that come charging in. At this point the techno journey you thought you were on takes and abrupt turn towards the electro side of things. Not to worry though as they are some classy ass electro sounds. It is highly reminiscent of some of the sounds I heard coming from a pair of musicians that first got me excited about house and techno to begin with The Chemical Brothers. I strongly recommend you keep a closer eye on this super talented Russian if you are just discovering him today. Check out some more down below and enjoy.

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