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Track of the Day: Rimshot (Chemical Surf Remix) by Cristoph


Happy Monday everyone. PZB here and I’m back making the selections this week for our 50th weekly mix! For this week’s tracks I picked some new tunes from some of my favorite labels and producers of the year.

Starting off the week is a remix of Cristoph’s “Rimshot” by Chemical Surf. This song has all the elements of a pure house track. The piece starts of with a simple vocal and organ that slowly builds into the main chorus of the track which is carried along by a thumping bassline and sort of Chicago style house vocal that really ties everything together nicely.

While Cristoph who hails from the UK is relatively new to me the label that released this track, Kittball, is one that I have been a huge fan of over the last couple years and especially this year. They are one of the few labels out there that when I see they have a new release I go and grab it almost automatically. It shouldnt be any surprise seeing as how they are run in part by one of the biggest acts of the year in my opinion Tube & Berger. Hit the links to check out more from Cristoph and Kittball and well see you back here again tomorrow for some more new music.


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