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Track of the Day: Christian Löffler – Licht (Awaken Remix)

Today we’ve got a very special surprise for all of our listeners, in the form of this awesome free download from new artist Awaken. You’ll be seeing this artist’s name pretty frequently here and on PUZL Records in the coming weeks as he joins the latter for a 4 track EP release entitled ‘Reflection Eternal’ followed by a guest mix right here on LAMP! The Parisian based producer has gone under a few other pseudonyms and explored a range of styles in the past. With this particular project the artist is focusing on a deep, melodic sound influenced by place he’s visited creating a sort of audio journal his travels. As a sort of intro to that aesthetic the artist shared a personal remix of one of his favorite producers with us this week, and although it’s not an official remix it nonetheless caught our attention and we felt compelled to share with you all.

The original by Löffler offers up a delightful array of field recorded sounds, and washes of noise and delicate sound design elements. Awaken does not shy away from referencing these from the outset of his remix, but slightly dialing back the prominence of those initial instruments and sounds in the arrangement. By slowly peeling back a series of filters and effects, Awaken carefully guides us into the full spectrums of sounds within a well articulated stereo space. Offering up a muted kick as his guiding rhythm out of the intro we start to hear some of the producers own components coming into the foreground, beginning with a warm piano melody, some airy pads and supple plucked bass line. As we reach a crescendo in the song it calmly shifts into another gear with a stabbing saw synth lead that gives this chorus some really nice harmonics and bit of teeth. Delayed snaps, soft shakers and a metallic closed hi-hat round out a simple but effective drum arrangement, that help drive the song forward. Overall this is a wonderful rendition of the original which Im also a massive fan of, and which you can check out below.


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