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Track of the Day: Bobby Nourmand – Estranged

If I had to describe LA based artist Bobby Nourmand in one word it would easily be relentless. Anyone who has interacted with this man knows he is a force of nature. His intense dedication to his craft has resulted in a string of highly successful releases which all feature a cohesive deep, dark sound with plenty of punch to shake the clubs. Bobby started off releasing some unforgettable reworks of overlooked American classics and quickly built a name for himself. He then signed to The Magician’s Potion label, releasing his original hits Smokin’ Joe, Deep / Deep In NY, and Mind to massive fanfare.

In 2018 Bobby continues to push boundaries, introducing us to his brand new artist-owned label Deep In The Night with his Subterranean EP. My pick off of this is the B-Side (remember when records had B-sides!?) entitled Estranged. This track goes hard, with a thunderous kick drum, driving open high hats, and a galloping bass line that opens into dark synth tones with spooky delays. Textural strings build in the background while a pitched down chopped vocal readies us to ascend out of the breakdown into aural bliss. DJs and true fans of underground dance music have a new reason to rejoice with this offering, hopefully the first of many on this new imprint.

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