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Track of the Day: Ben Weber x Alex Eilers – Teutates

Track of the Day: Ben Weber x Alex Eilers – Teutates

I have been a big fan of Parquet Recordings over the years. When ever you see those wood checkerboards on an album cover you can be fairly certain you are in for a treat. Recently they released one of their VA compilations with three new tracks from three different artists. These turn out to be a great source of discovery for me when it comes to finding new producers to check out and also reminding me of some of the great stuff the artists have produced in the past. Such is the case for Ben Weber who has another excellent release on Parquet from last year. The title, “Teutates” is named for one of three Celtic Gods. It is a massive track fit only for a “God of the People”. At least that is according to the Encyclopedia Britannica. The track itself is and arp laden beast with huge brooding pads and a relentless groove. The breakdown of this track seals the deal for me. It gives the track an extremely majestic feel as the electric guitar wails away and adds to the already brilliant atmosphere these two have created with their track. Enjoy and make sure to check out the other two track from the other artists on this EP. I will link them down below.

It has nothing to do with the song but I found this interesting none the less; “victims sacrificed to Teutates were killed by being plunged headfirst into a vat filled with an unspecified liquid, which may have been ale, a favourite drink of the Celts.” At least they went out drunk.

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