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Track of the Day: Bebetta & Cioz – Cow Kau

Track of the Day: Bebetta & Cioz – Cow Kau

Today we have a track from Bebetta and Cioz’s new EP ‘Elephant On Ebay’ which was released last week through Monaberry. The new EP features three original tracks as well as a remix of the title track from Innellea. However I particularly enjoyed the last track on the EP, ‘Cow Kau’. Slightly more hopeful in tone than the grittiness conveyed through the rest of the EP, ‘Cow Kau’ leads in with a dull symbol section over a subtle rising chord that feels bright and lively. It is also notable how sparingly Cioz and Bebetta use their bassline in this opening section. They build up anticipation by slowly adding more percussive elements before finally introducing it after almost two and a half minutes. When it finally does drop in you can’t help but feel a sense of nostalgia. Beautifully done!

Bebetta and Cioz have both already appeared on the LAMP blog for individual releases through Monaberry but ‘Elephant On Ebay’ marks the pair’s first collaboration. Bebetta has been quite busy since we featured ‘Estival’ last year. Her ‘Uppercut EP’, out last year also through Monaberry, was a beautiful work of music while her remix of TD and Paul Hazendonk’s ‘Without You’ is due out on 8/21 through 90Watts. In June, Cioz contributed the masterful ‘Tipsy Ballad’ to the Invisible Talents Vol. 3 compilation for Making You Dance Records as well as a dynamic remix for Dust Yard’s ‘Prana’ just a couple weeks ago.

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