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Track of the Day: Anii – Desire (Locked Groove Remix)

What happens when you take a two former LAMP guest mix artists and combine their talents and resources together? You get the latest release from Anii on Third Son’s label Polymath Records. As a bonus we also get a fantastic remix from someone who is somewhat unknown to me, Locked Groove. Berlin based and Belgian born he has been making some incredible music that is just reaching my ears and I am fascinated by what I have come across so far. He recently dropped a three track ep for Hotflush that grabbed my attention while doing my research on him and loved variation in the selections. He has a very wide ranging palette and I am stoked to dive more into his productions. Ranging from Techno to Drum n’ Bass and places in between, while exploring sweeping melodies that will set you on an adventure if you are ready to go.

For Anii’s track “Desire” we get to explore the more industrial techno side of Locked Groove as he introduces us to a highly energetic groove right from the start. A booming kick that fills the air is accompanied by an ensemble of unique percussive elements along with a glitchy little stab that provide most of the energy for the song. Some weird squelch noises provide a nice fill ad have almost a human element to them as is modulates in and out of the mix. Around 2:30 in to the track Locked Groove drops in a beautiful pad that acts as a lead and really sets the listener onto an adventure. In all honesty this track really takes me back to some of the classic sounds that guys like John 00 Fleming and Digweed were producing back when techno was maybe at its finest in my opinion. Check out more from Locked groove below along with the Originals from Anii and Polymath below.

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