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Track of the Day: Anderson .Paak – ‘Til It’s Over

Here at LAMP we’re always looking for the freshest sounds we can find, and today’s Track of the Day is one of the freshest sounding and most groundbreaking records I’ve heard in recent memory. The track is “‘Til It’s Over” by Anderson .Paak. It initially surfaced earlier this week as the soundtrack to Apple’s latest commercial for their new Home Pod. The video proved to be less of a commercial and rather a psychedelic audio-visual masterpiece from legendary director Spike Jonze. While the video has set the Internet ablaze racking up almost 6 million views on YouTube in just 4 days, we’re here to talk about the music. And boy is there a lot to talk about. While .Paak’s visionary word play and signature flow shines bright as ever on the track, the production is what ultimately steals the show and makes the song what it is, a game changer.

The track is produced by hip hop luminaries Jeff Kleinman and Michael Uzoworo. Both are distinguished producers in the rap and R&B communities with credits alongside major artists including Kevin Abstract, Brock Hampton, and Frank Ocean. “‘Til It’s Over”, however, is in a league of it’s own and proves to be their most seminal work thus far. The production expands upon the vibrant and warm sounds of .Paaks album “Malibu” but also pushes into new and more kaleidoscopic sonic territory. The track defies any sort of classification to a conventional genre and instead is an awe-inspiring synthesis of elements from hip hop, soul, R&B, break beat, trap, dub-step, and classical music. If there’s one thing this song does sound like, it’s the future. If this record is any inclination of what .Paak has been cooking up for his third studio album, set to drop at some point this year, we can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Below you can check out Spike Jonze’s “Welcome Home” starring FKA twigs and featuring “‘Til It’s Over” by Anderson .Paak. You can also stream or purchase “‘Til It’s Over” now exclusively on iTunes and Apple Music.

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