Jeff Devoe

Jeff Devoe is a Los Angeles based electronic music producer/dj. He got his start DJing Drum and Bass and honed his skills in the Santa Barbara area playing everything from tiny coffee houses, to secret forest parties. Moving to Los Angeles in 2003 and helped found one of Los Angeles’ first local Drum and Bass labels called Relentless Audio with artits Direct Feed, Kingpin, Unit, and Melicious. They ran the label from 2004 until 2008, with vinyl being distributed by Nu-Urban worldwide and digital accounts with Juno Download and Beatport. Jeff continued to build his reputation and perfomed at venues such as: Respect (LA), Funktion (Bassrush LA), Onset (Seattle), Konkrete Jungle NYC, as well as tours in cities such as Denver, Dallas, San Francisco, Tuscon, and San Diego.

In 2009 the label split and Jeff teamed up with Sean Adams to form the electro house production duo Oh Shit! Oh Shit! was picked up by Velcro City Records out of Denver. Velcro City was instrumental in building Oh Shit’s name and supporting the duo. Oh Shit! continues to release with Velcro City Records and has also released with Pop Rox Muzik, Peak Hour, Macro Records, Beyond Zilla, Gigabeat, Starblocks Records, and Bombeatz Records.

Currently, Jeff Devoe has started producing some solo work in the genres of house, techno and drum and bass.

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