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Premiere: Nick Garcia – Division Sequence

Nick Garcia makes his debut performance on PUZL Records this week with ‘Stepmode’. A 3 track EP releasing this Friday. Currently residing in DC Nick is highly skilled at what he does. In addition to several releases on the Edmonton based Night Vision Records among many others he has also been helping run one of the top labels on the planet Yoshitoshi Records. You might also remember a release he had with us on LAMP’s Spectrums Vol. 2 ‘Honeybees’. Today we are sharing with you the first release from Stepmode ‘Division Sequence’. Download for free on The Artist Union

A dreamy sequence of bells sets the tone and becomes the central theme to this wonderfully crafted piece of music. Whispy little elements darts through the bells almost giving the sense that they are dripping off the accents of each note. A subtle but well organized groove accentuated by a nice punchy kick drum helps to move things along as more elements begin to be introduced into the mix. As the track progresses we are introduced to a to some detuned synths that remind me of some Scottish bag pipes whining away in glorious disharmony. Next into the mix is a wonky bass line/lead that modulates up and down in pitch in a very mechanical and hypnotic fashion. When those two low bass notes come in I feel like just melting and then instantly perk up as the notes wind their way back up. Not that I would really know what this is like but when I listen to this song, I kind of get the feeling of being in some weird robot concerto while traveling through space on some sort of Intergalactic Space Cruise ship, like that one in the movie The Fifth Element. Make sure to check out the rest of Nick Garcia’ release when the full release come out on Friday. You can pre-order the Track/ EP here.

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