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Premiere: Mr. H’s – Romano [CARTON-PÂTE]

Premiere: Mr. H’s – Romano [CARTON-PÂTE]

Happy holidays from all of us at Los Angeles Music Project. We are excited to bring you a premiere today from our friends Carton-Pâte records over in Grenoble, France. Earlier this year we featured a Martin Waselewski remix from MR H’s track ‘Ruka’. Today we are going to feature a new track from MR H’s himself which is forthcoming on a brand new compilation from the label. I have become quite fond of MR H’s since we were first introduced to his sounds on Carton-Pâte a couple years back now. It is with great pleasure we present his latest release to you!

When I first heard “Romano” I can remember my inner monologue going crazy over how vibrant and dynamic this track is. You will all be hearing this for the first time today so you will decide for yourselves but after repeatedly listening to this track, the desire to continue to press play and listen again and again has not faded one bit for me. Starting off with a groove that feels almost locomotive (I’m a big fan of tracks that have this vibe to their grooves) the track gradually builds introducing each layer seamlessly. A spacey vocal chop is the first thing that grabs my attention followed by some more thematic elements like the stabbing piano chords that dominate the track and the decadent strings adding to the atmosphere. What I love about this track is you feel like you are about to settle in for a nice cozy little piece and then wham…Trombones!!! It is so powerful how they hit and when you add on top of that the incredible vocal wailing away it is hard not to get lifted right out of your seat with this one.

The entire release which will be available for FREE December 25th is an opportunity to showcase some of the amazing talent that contributes to the music scene in and around Grenoble. Even the Mayor of the city has given his stamp of approval!

While MR H’s is a Manchester native, his contributions to Carton-Pâte have been numerous. I will add all of the links when they become available here but keep an eye out for more info on the release and a documentary series showcasing each of the artists that will be presented on their youtube channel.

In the mean time check out some of the other releases from MR. H’s and Carton-Pâte.

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