Premiere: Black Girl/ White Girl – The Great Space Chase

Thrilled to be sharing this new release today from Soup Records produced by Black Girl/ White Girl. This duo has been on our radar for quite a while and are on a roll this year with recent releases also on Relief and the recent announcement of an EP for Kittball records. Based out of Amsterdam they have been on pretty much everybody’s radar for the past few years and it would appear that this is the year that they are going to be making more of a statement on the international scene gaining attention from NYC based label Soup for this latest release that has 3 banging originals along with two really fun remixes from Supernova and Joe Pompeo.

Pulse X is the title of the EP and for our premiere today we have The Great Space Chase. A highly energetic groove along with some fun (Phil Collinsesque) gated toms gets this track going. A quick little bridge introduces us to the lead before dropping into a killer bass line which is accompanied by a new stabbing version of the lead. From here the track takes off as a perfect vocal track is laid on top and the occasional growling synth saws its way into the background of the mix giving the track tons of depth and texture. I genuinely can not get enough of the bounce in this track. The bass is so full and vibrant like happy controlled explosions going off in my head forcing me to bob my head and tap my feet to the beat. It is a pretty safe bet to say if you need some proper bass in you face and little bounce to go along with it Black Girl/ White Girl are a good place to start every time. With more music on the horizon and an already stellar collection of music you will want to keep a close eye one these two for sure.

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