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Premiere: Pablo Bolivar + Sensual Physics – Lisbon (Reprise)

Today I am excited to premiere here on LAMP, Pablo Bolivars upcoming release for Seven Villas Records. He has gone back to revisit or “Reprise” if you will Traverse, an 8 track album released on the label by artist Sensual Physics. For this release Pablo has taken the entire Traverse album and done a Reprise for each of the track adding to his earlier release and reprise of Traverse that included only 4 of the 8 tracks. Bolivar keeps the base of each track in place while providing his own interpretation of the piece. Providing us with an entirely new take on this album. The focus of our premiere is the track Lisbon. Pads and ambience are what create the backbone of this piece, accompanied by a deep and soft but boomy kick that morphs into a bouncy groove. Adding to the overall aesthetic of the track are a series of rolling synth’s and plucky chimes that come at you from all directions. It is a really great piece that could have a place just about anywhere, from the club to lounging with some friends or just enjoying music with yourself. Look for the full release on February 23rd.

The original album has an interesting story to it. It was recorded on the road in Europe in a mobile studio called “Wilson” as he found his way to secluded beaches and forests. Having been to Lisbon myself it is in my opinion one of the most beautiful cities I have ever visited. This track really brought forth some of the emotions I experienced while there. You can listen to a sample of the original down below.

The record label Seven Villas, headed up by Pablo Bolivar, has been on our radar for a little while now. I really enjoy the deep and soulful vibes and the vision that the label promotes. Started as a personal project of Bolivar, an avenue if you will to promote artists and music that he refers to as “Musica para Estar”, or simply translated as “Music to be”. It focuses on finding new and talented artists and combining their original works with remixes from some of his favorite artists from the “Underground” scene. We have talked about a couple of other releases here in past from Seven Villas for our Track of the Day selections you can go back and check out here and here. In addition we had one of the labels recording artists Usmev join our Weekly mix series not too long ago that you can listen to here.

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