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New Release: Cabrillo – Beat Vibrated EP


Cabrillo – Beat Vibrated EP

Santa Barbara native Adrian Gutierrez aka Cabrillo is the newest addition to the LAMP family with his debut EP ‘Beat Vibrated’. The name says it all. This two track release is injected with grooving drum lines, bouncing piano chords and the bass where it’s need most, front and center.

Beat Vibrated

‘Beat Vibrated’ as the title track and opener to the collection kicks things off full of energy with crisp drums and a grooving piano line that dances its way in and out of the composition setting up a pulsating bass line. Panning percussion groups and a pitch bending vocal sample round of the arrangement giving this track all the characteristics and ingredients of pure classic house jam.

It’s Alright

‘It’s Alright’ carries through Cabrillo’s knack for creating head-nodding drum patterns and enticing bass layers. Influences of disco and classic house immediately become apparent as the those familiar string synths and electro guitar riffs permeate their way through the arrangement. This nod to the old school is measured well with an injection of rising bass notes and raspy jackin’ style claps, snares and hats.

Check out more of his tunes below:


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