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New Release: Atlas Boda – Throne EP


Atlas Boda – Throne EP

One of our first international artists to join the LAMP family returns to LAMP with a fresh take on some of his earlier productions. Remastered and packaged with two stellar remixes from @devoe and @mrpuzl this release has been one we’ve been looking forward to sharing with our fans for some times. Plus we’re giving you all the tracks for FREE for a limited time 🙂

Room 205:
Throne (Jeff Devoe Deep Remix):
Throne (MR PUZL Remix):

‘Throne’ displays Boda’s knack for crafting signature UK Bass lines mixed with refined vocals that cut and echo over top of building synth lines. A cleverly crafted chord progression creates the main harmony while a direct sub bass drives the groove forward with simple but effect drums. A panning clock sample keeps the rhythm in check during the breakdowns while a strong vocal lead preaches the track’s title emphatically.

‘Room 205’ is the perfect paring to this release with break style percussion layers, along with a punchy kick and thumping bass line that will get everyone moving on the dance floor. A host of panning effects, slow ethereal synth pads and soft piano chords provide a welcoming balance to guttural raw energy permeating through the speakers during the songs drops.

Jeff Devoe’s remix demonstrates the years of engineering and sound design experience that this LA based produced has accumulated. Acutely chopped vocals and sharp snares dance over top of a carefully molded kick as the track slowly builds in complexity. The lead synth from the original track gets a major overhaul while beautifully reworked chorus lines open up the mix during the tracks breakdowns providing the perfect transition into the main part of the composition. Strong sharp synth combinations energize the groove of the track with neatly placed pulsating bass lines that compliment the arrangement.

MR PUZL strips down the title track to the bare essentials in his rework, crafting a unique composition revealing his continued production growth in the studio. The track opens up with a heavily a FX’d guitar pad and a simple percussion grouping that sets the rhythm of the track. The track’s original chord lines are slowly worked into the arrangement as more percussion elements are introduced including heavily chopped vocals cuts that inject extra energy into the composition. A sharp powerful bass line makes up the core component of the songs body, while a deep undulating sub drives the groove of the track forward.

Check out MR PUZL along with PZB and Cabrillo this Friday at ELEVEN.ELEVEN at a #DTLA warehouse.

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