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MR PUZL’s Summer Mix – Vol. 3

3rd and Final Installment of MR PUZL’s Summer Mix Series
Free Download:…-summer-mix-vol-3

“This 3 volume mix series has been quite a journey for me. I pushed myself to explore my collection more thoroughly that I’ve done before. These mixes reflect a few different… let’s call them personalities, that make up part of who I am as an artist and my enthusiasm and love for electronic music.

The first 2 volumes represent the summer days and nights that I fell in love with while living in LA. Volume 3 is all about those moments in between.”

Much <3

P.S. This mix goes out to the love of my life; who has always supported my passion to express my creativity in the many forms it has manifested.

Volume 1: Lamp – Mr-puzls-summer-mix-vol-1
Volume 2: Lamp – Mr-puzls-summer-mix-vol-2

SC: @mrpuzl

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