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LAP Weekly Mix #243 feat. Palisades

Today we’re very excited to present the newest addition to our growing LAMP family. Palisades is the collaborative creative vision of Los Angeles based producers and songwriters Damon Steele and Gianni Carter. Sonically, Palisades is a culmination of classic and contemporary styles of dance music like house, disco and funk, synthesized with elements of hip hop and r&b. The end result is a sound that is both undeniably fresh and timeless, inspired in equal parts by all-time greats like George Clinton, Herbie Hancock, Earth Wind & Fire, and today’s most visionary artists like Kaytranada, Disclosure, Goldlink, and Sonder.

Their guest mix takes you on a journey through their diverse stylistic palette and gives immersive insight into their unique brand of dance music. Effortlessly blending tracks from across the spectrum of all things funky, while sneaking in some of their own production, Palisades give us glimpse into what this prolific duo has in store for the future. So sit back, relax and enjoy the silky smooth sounds of Palisades.

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