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Weekly mix series for LAMP + New EP Release

I am very excited to kick of the New Year with all of you and tell you about some of the new projects I have been working on.

First off I will be starting a weekly mix series for the Los Angeles Music Project and showcasing it here on my blog. I am constantly looking for new music in the electronic music world and have been looking for a way to share all of that with you. I am going to start posting daily the LAMP Track of the Day. Typically these will consist of current tracks released within the last couple of months that may or may not have reached your eardrums. I will also try to include one throwback tune that is at least a year old. All of this will result in a weekly mix putting all of the tracks together. Most of the mixes will be 6-7 tracks in length and have a length of 15-30 min! I hope you enjoy them and please share them with your friends or any others you think would enjoy them. Since this week has had many distractions, there will be a few tracks showcased today as well as tomorrow along with the final mix. Starting Monday there will be one or two tracks a day with the final mix on Friday’s.

Something else I am very excited about for the upcoming year is my new project with my buddy Jake. He and I have been hard at work in the studio for the last couple of months trying to put together some original tunes. The first tracks are done and we are about to release the EP. We have a few things left to figure out but are very excited for what is to come and I am really looking forward to sharing our new music with you all. Stay tuned for a mix in the coming weeks with some of our new tracks.

Below is the first LAMP Tracks of the Day. Enjoy and stay tuned Full Mix to released Friday 1/3/14

To start of we have a new one from Modek. This whole album is amazing you’ll be hearing more of it from me in the future.

Here is a little Hugg & Pepp from back in the day!!

The Donovans are a name I have heard kicking around for a couple years now. Love this track of theirs and its available for FREE DOWNLOAD.

The Last track for today comes to you from Sluggers. One of Super Music Group’s products and it is a good one for sure!

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