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LAMP Weekly Mix #10 feat. MR PUZL + Double Track of the Day

What a week! So many great things came out of producing this week’s mix, and it’s been a pleasure to collaborate with PZB on it. Now without further ado here’s the LAMP Weekly Mix:

Soulgood (Original Mix) – Tube & Berger
So Good to Me (Original Mix) – Chris Malinchak
Zuckre – You Better Watch Out (Andre Salmon Remix)
Out My Mind – Kayper
Temporary Hero – Ballet (André Lodemann Remix)
Free Yourself – Orazio Fantini

LAMP Weekly Mix #10 feat. MR PUZL by Mr Puzl on Mixcloud

Temporary Hero – Ballet (André Lodemann Remix)

Today’s first track of the day comes from Berlin based André Lodemann. Lodemann has been featured several times on the popular Defect Records, most recently for his new EP drop ‘Coming Your Way’. His deep house sounds, fantastically slow builds and complex yet rhythmic synths provide clarity and consistenancy to any mix. If you’re ever in need of track to carry your through a set or mix, I highly recommend looking at one his tracks. Ballet has an almost up tempo Trainspotting-esque feel to it, and I imagine myself slowly wanders through a dense fog trying to follow the voice beckoning for the rhythm to come back… Don’t worry André I can still hear the rhythm!

Free Yourself – Orazio Fantini

I’ve found very little on the Canuck and it’s possible he prefers it that way. Regardless this track has layers to it, that make it fun to navigate. It’s narrative allows you to follow the track seamlessely, yet engages the ear with subtle rolls and transitions. The xylophone sample three quarters through the track transports me to a sort of futuristic jazz club, and beyond.

Thank to all who have been reading this weeks #trackoftheday posts. I hope to be back again very soon!



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