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LAMP Weekly Mix #8 + Track of the Day – February 21st


Sorry about missing yesterdays track of the Day. Things get a little hectic sometimes over here in PZB’s world from time to time. It’s Friday though and the weekend is upon us. This weeks mix is sure to get you fired up for what ever you may have in store this weekend. Tonight you will almost certainly find me at Sound for Jaimie Jones and tomorrow LAMP and friends are throwing a party at the Echoplex featuring Penguin Prison. More info down on the bottom after the Track of the Day.
Here is the tracklist with links to all of the tracks.
1.) Wordlife — Club Strobe
2.) Ambiwlans — Identity
3.) Animal Trainer — Shane (Zombie Disco Squad Remix)
4.) Paranoid Resistance — The Tunnel
5.) The Subs feat. Jean-Pierre Castaldi — Concorde (Valy Mo Remix)
6.) Sebastien Leger — Bad Clock (Broken Clock Remix)
7.) Audion — Sky (Daniel Avery Remix)

Today’s Track of the Day “Identity” is from a very good friend of mine. The two of us have spent a good amount of time in the studio together and I am happy to finally be able to share some of his music with you. Ambiwlans as he is known is the latest addition to the LAMP roster of artists and we couldn’t be happier. His style is one that encompasses many different genres of dance music. He has a particular talent for what I call High Tech Minimal Techno. Bringing in those heavy bass lines and techy synth sounds creating almost this new brand of Techno.
Risky Vision.

Damsels cause distress. Men who crave orange zest and cigarettes. Our late night, lascivious business belongs in LA’s shadows, the deep sounds of the dance underground.

Come hide.

Presented by The Echo, Downtown Lobby, FruitFlyLife, Cream & LAMP

Photography by Paisley Bruise.


Penguin Prison (DJ Set w/ Live Vocals)
Valida (KCRW)

COSTARRING: Channel One x Kid Sheikh x Cream DJs

Limited $12 Presale Tickets:


Live visual performance by 10prnt

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