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LAMP Weekly Mix #52 feat. PZB


LAMP Weekly Mix 52 feat. PZB

Here we are 1 year and 51 fresh ass mixes later. Thank you to everyone who has been following and listening in every week. I am really stoked when I reflect on what we have been able to do here at LAMP day in and day out with the Track of the Day and Weekly Mix posts from last year. It didn’t always go as smoothly as MR PUZL and I would have liked but it’s all part of the growing pains and learning process of writing a music blog. At the end of it all it has been fun and rewarding to be able to share so much music with everyone and listen to the feedback you all have given us throughout the year. I have learned so much about the artists I love to listen too and opened my ears to even more new artists that I look forward to following in the future.

Track List

1. Low Steppa – So Real (Club Mix)
2. The Martinez Brothers – Do That 2 (Yes Baby)
3. Wild Culture – The TIDE
4. Steve Prior – Nomad
5. Kaiserdisco – Twelve Monkeys (Harry Romero Mix)

We are ready and excited to keep things going in 2015. You will notice some changes starting next week when Mr. PUZL takes the reigns while I get ready for a Special Weekly Mix to get us all ready for our 2 Year Anniversary extravaganza at V-Lounge in Santa Monica with Graff, Das Tapes, Templeton, Brooks & Millar and Sleepy Cat and the rest of the LAMP crew. We still have a few tickets left at our Tier 1 price of $7.50. When they’re gone the price will go up to $10 and $15 at the door. Hit the banner below for tickets. We’ve just released our 1 Tier Tickets to the public, but there’s a limited supply so jump on it quickly.


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