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LAMP Weekly Mix #49 featuring Death House of Love


LAMP Weekly Mix #49 featuring Death House of Love

Death House of Love drops his debut mix for LAMP with an awesome track selection full of chill vibes. It’s been a great week chatting it up with Death House of Love and discussing his #trackoftheday selects. Be sure to check his Social House Saturday’s at Memphis Cafe in Costa Mesa. This week he’s got our very own Templeton headlining, and it’s sure to be one heck of a good time.

MR PUZL got a chance to ask this OC resident important things like pizza and disco. Check out the interview below:

MR PUZL: Full disclosure, we’ve met before, haha. Tell our audience a little bit about yourself.

Death House of Love : Hello. My name is Reid, but you can call me Death House of Love. I’m into groovy things, like pizza, disco, and barrel-aged beers. I’m 1/3 of the super disco group, VIBES, and am currently the resident DJ at Memphis Cafe in Costa Mesa, California.

MP: We’ve been fans of Social House and love supporting the music scene down in Orange County. How did it all start?

DHOL: Well, I’ve had the privilege to be the resident DJ on Saturday nights at Memphis Cafe (Costa Mesa) for the past 7 months, and it’s been one of the most rewarding experiences i’ve had as a musician. After DJing locally for 2+ years, I thought it was time to give DHOL the best chance it had to stand on its own legs, so I found a place that as not only allowed me to to work on my skills and craft as a DJ, but to allow other artists the chance to play out in a new venue, try new songs out, etc. My main focus is to craft an ambiance that is often lacking in “dance music’ venues, especially in Orange County. While the scene around Costa Mesa is growing and evolving in a very positive direction, I’ve always wanted to craft a night around nu-disco/indie-dance/house music specifically, a place where anyone and everyone is welcome to, as we say, COME GET WEIRD. I love to showcase new music to people, and this opportunity has allowed me to grow not only as a DJ, but as a member of the dance music community. It’s been a great experience to work on the booking side of things, as well as to have an outlet for my graphic designs every single week.

I’ve been able to bring in acts like Ride the Universe, Daniel Minaya, Justin Cornwall, Curt Reynolds, The LAMP Crew (Templeton, Mr PUZL, PZB), and a lot of other really, really good people, and I’ve so excited for what is to come in 2015. #socialhousecm is ON.

MP: You’re also part of a 3 piece live band called VIBES. We hear that you guys are working on some new material.

DHOL: VIBES is currently in the process of finishing up 2 new original tracks, slated for release in Spring 2015. We have grown quite a lot as musicians (and dudes) since the release of Fast Train last spring, and I think these new songs are easily some of the best work we’ve ever produced. And, they accurately reflect our direction as a band, which I am very excited about.

MP: Now for what we’ve all come here for, your mix! Give us the run down.

DHOL: For this mixtape, I really want to grab a nice sampling for a variety of different sounds and feelings I’ve been breathing in lately, to create more of a mood-scape, and to congeal all of this into an hour of digital bliss. I’ve always taken pride in selecting songs that not only fit a groove, but a specific moment in time & space, where only that specific sound should be living. I feel like a good mixtape ebbs and flows in a natural way, allowing the listener to glide along, almost effortlessly, in a single stream of music consciousness. Also, I like to dance, so, I put some grooves at the end 🙂

Thanks for ALL of the love, I appreciate everyone who downloads, likes, shares, comes to a show, even mentions DEATH HOUSE OF LOVE to a friend. Thanks for jamming along with me.
– Death House of Love


1. Dropout – More
2. JackLNDN – Don’t Forget
3. Soft Touch – Get on Up (feat. Kianah)
4. Escort – Barbarians (Tiger and Woods remix)
5. Man & Woman – Do It Right
6. Captain Planet – Un Poquito Mas (feat. Chico Mann)
7. Gallant – Jupiter Greyscale (Sebastian Carter remix)
8. Robin S – Show Me Love (Matvey Emerson remix)
10. Danny Marin – Searchin’
11. Just Kiddin’ – Thinking About It (Crom & Thanh remix)
12. The Flavr Blue – We Can Go Blind (Steed Lord remix)
13. The Soundmen – Bermuda (feat. Avan Lava) (Templeton remix)
14. Golden Features – Tell Me (feat. Nicole Millar) (POOLCLVB remix)
15. TKDJS – Heartache
16. Odesza – Say My Name (feat. Zyra) (DNKR remix)


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