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LAMP Weekly Mix #47 featuring Atlas Boda


LAMP Weekly Mix #47 featuring Atlas Boda

This week we have a very special guest all the way from Liverpool, Atlas Boda. His mix is chaulked full of originals, including a special unreleased tune, as well as some choice dark and deep house tracks. MR PUZL got the opportunity to dig a little deeper into who Atlas Boda is and what makes him tick. See the full interview below with this young talent below.

MR PUZL: How long have you been producing music under the Atlas Boda moniker? What does the name mean?

Atlas Boda: I’ve been making music under the name Atlas Boda from only around the end of August so around 3 months however I first started making music when I was 16 years old. I sort of drifted between styles of music throughout that time from dubstep to jump up drum & bass but always tried to stick with a dark vibe to my tracks. I then took a huge interest in tech house which I think I’ve stuck with with the music I make today and is influenced by a lot of UK artists such as Shadow Child & Hot Since 82. My name came from my big interest in Greek mythology and I loved the image they portray Atlas as holding the world on his back. I thought this linked well with how music affects people that Atlas could be portrayed as how important music can be in people’s lives. The “Boda” part just came to try differentiate myself from other artists who use Atlas in their name really!

MP: You have some cool bass line sounds especially in “Room 205” and “Throne”. What are your inspirations for your sound? Do you play any musical instruments?

AB: The majority of my music and the artists I follow are very bass orientated tracks; the focus being towards that aspect rather than a following a certain melody. However I love making all kinds of stuff and my collabs with different artists let’s me showcase different styles of music. As for music instruments I had a few years of violin lessons while in school but my main interest was trying to teach myself to play the piano!

MP: What DAWs do you use in your production? Do you have any preferred plugins?

AB: For my productions I use FL studio. As for plugins I really only use Massive however I recently experimented using Spire on one of my collabs and loved it!

MP: Cream was a massive influence for the house scene in the UK and had some incredible programming, especially at Nation. Being from Liverpool, how does that sort of history impact you?

AB: Funny you ask about the club Nation as I worked there as a steward for around a year or so, with the Cream events being every so often. It really acted as an inspiration watching the artists playing to huge crowds and gave me a massive drive when I got home to make more of my own stuff with that picture in mind!

MP: What venues and events do you support locally? Are there other producer and DJs in Liverpool or England that you want to shout out to?

AB: For this type of music there really hasn’t been that many nights devoted to it around Liverpool until this year, rather in the past it had been at certain events that took place every month or so. I recently was a guest at a new night that started up every Sunday called the Sunday Service (KODE) in Heebie Jeebies basement which I had a great time playing at. I would also recommend Garlands nightclub for music if you ever visited Liverpool open on Thursday and Saturday!
I’d also like to give a shout out to a good friend of mine under the name Lostco who has just released his first track that I included in the mix; hopefully be seeing a lot more from him soon!

MP: After having a productive start to 2014 what are your goals for 2015?

AB: My aims for 2015 is to really just to get my tracks out there and heard, I appreciate anyone who takes the time out to listen to my stuff! It’s also an aim to find myself a residency either here in Liverpool or anywhere in the UK. Hopefully by this time next year people will have heard my music a little more! Hope you enjoy my guest mix!


1. Atlas Boda – Legal Opinion
2. Gene Farris – Move Your Body
3. Sam Sure – Hunger (Shadow Child Remix)
4. Green Velvet – Bigger than prince (Hot Since 82 Remix)
5. Pig & Dan – On edge
6. Tom Zanetti – Darlin (Lorenzo, Ko Kane, Zanetti Mix)
7. Atlas Boda – Bandwagon
8. Dusky – Careless
9. Maya Jane Coles – What they say (Dyed Soundorom remix)
10. Dene Antony – Peace & Harmony
11. Audiojack feat. Kevin Knapp – Stay Glued
12. Cristoph – On the inside
13. Atlas Boda – Room 205
14. Lostco – Out of Time


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