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LAMP Weekly Mix #304 Samhain II by MR PUZL

Samahin pronounced “sow-win” is the seasonal celebration of marking the end of the harvest celebrated in Gaelic culture.

“Following up from my first installment of this series (Mrpuzl – Samhain), I wanted to continue to explore techno-infused music that brings together the eerie, dark flavors of traditions like All Hallows Eve with more ancient rituals of celebrating seasonal shifts such as Samhain. Bonfires, guising, feasting and all manner of festivals and celebrations have marked this period in the year where we experience longer periods of darkness, colder temperature shifts and all the emotions that follow. I suppose as I think about the music I select for these mix I imagine myself playing a modern day festival that celebrates the beauty in the darkness and the traditions of Samhain. Maybe someday that will be a reality :)As always thanks for listening!”

IG: mrpuzl

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