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LAMP Weekly Mix #303 feat Eskuche

Very Excited for this weeks guest mix artist Eskuche. If you are not familiar by name it is almost certain you have danced your tail off to one or more of his tracks as he has a massive collection of tunes that have gained the attention of the likes of Green Velvet at Relief, Lee Foss at Repopulate Mars, Jamie Jones at Hot Creations and I could keep going but there is not enough time. He has had a pretty good run this year with several releases on the above mentioned labels and more. We have been following this talented producers career for the past 5 years or so and have always been very impressed with his productions and are really stoked to share this mix with you this week.

PZB: Hi Eskuche! Thank you so much for taking time out of your schedule to put together our mix and answer some questions for this weeks edition of the LAMP podcast. I have been a fan of your music for a while and it is a pleasure to have you with us this week. Can you give our listeners an idea of what yo expect from your mix to get us started?

Eskuche: Hey man, big thanks for having me. Im excited to share with you this mix with music from myself, featuring new track that is coming on Solid Grooves, Passion which just released this month on Etiquette and lots of more dope stuff.

PZB: First off how was ADE? Im stuck over here in LA and have always wanted to attend but could not make it unfortunately. I see you played at the CUFF showcase I bet that was a good time for sure. Were there any other highlights looking back on the event?

Eskuche: ADE was hectic crazy as usual, I just finally rested as I got home literally yesterday evening. CUFF was a dope party man, great vibes with lots of homies. ADE just itself is a big highlight, lots of stuff going on. For me is always great catch up with Europe friends and also checking out panels and showrooms.

PZB: Speaking of CUFF you have a new track coming out on their label. What can you tell us about that and when can we get our hands on it?

Eskuche: Amine Edge & Dance reached me out to make a remix for they new single Club Lit with Sergy on vocals. Thats a special release because its 100th release on CUFF. I really liked the vocals so I remixed them properly in my style. This remix is always smashing in all my sets!

PZB: You were recently here in LA for Factory 93 you were there as part of the La La Land experience and have been working much closer with Green Velvet. What has that experience been like for you and how has it helped your career progress?

Eskuche: Our relationships started last year after releasing Concentrate on Relief. Track did really well and I played first show with him at Shipwrecked festival. Our relationships just progressed really quickly, I feel we are on same vibe and I really love to play La La Land shows, always so much fun and champagne haha with Curtis!

PZB: Let’s go back to ADE for a moment. I personally have never been but am told constantly how great of an event it is. What is it about ADE for you that makes it an event that is not to be missed outside of the music that is on tap at the venues across town.

Eskuche: I think most important is gathering of artists from all over the world. Everyone is there and you can catch up with people you mostly talk online. Also amount of the events are going on is crazy and official ADE panels are great as well. But with all this nonstop parties I didn’t catch a lot of them haha!

PZB: Can you please tell us about your background and culture. Where did you grow up and how has that impacted the music you make today if at all? 

Eskuche: I grew up in Russia, In the city called Tambov which is only few hours away from Moscow. Looking back to my teenager days I think the time we were living back then did a big impact on who I am today. It was a first decade after USSR fell down and Russia was a brand new country, full of freedom. Me and my friends we always been living an American lifestyle, skateboards, hiphop and electronic music. And this is all eventually brought me to USA in 2010 when I moved to NYC and decide to start my Eskuche journey!

PZB: As an artist it is important to surround yourself with other like minded individuals. Who are a couple of your mentors and what is the best piece of advice you have been given by another artist?

Eskuche: Jamie Jones and Green Velvet I think my main inspirations. Jamie gave me lots of great advices and feedbacks on tracks, what is cool to do and what is not. Green Velvet on a musical career in general, he has such a big experience and long running music career and most important he keeps smashing it after all this years which is Important and it’s really hard to stay on this grind! Legends!

PZB: How often do you collaborate with others? What is that process like? Do you think it is an important or necessary part of being a musician in the house and techno community?

Eskuche: Last couple years I’ve been mostly concentrated on my solo productions, but now I just started to do collaborations again . Just finished two tracks with Prok & Fitch and I really happy with the results we got. Tracks are fire. Also I’m working now on collabs with Carlo Lio, Rafa Barrios, De La Swing and Kevin Knapp which I really excited about as well!

PZB: What is your favorite thing to listen to when you want to get away from all the house and tech stuff?

Eskuche: I like all types of music, very depends on my mood. From hip hop to rock and chill out. Few weeks ago I went to live show of Morcheeba band and it was so good, I was really impressed and inspired.

PZB: Is there anything else coming up in your world that we should know or you want to tell us about that we should be keeping an eye/ ear out for?

Eskuche: I have really crazy Halloween weekend coming up, playing in Ravine Atlanta, Elrow Vegas and Treehouse Miami same weekend, super excited for this madness. Also my debut Imitation EP on Michael Bibi’s – Solid Grooves which coming next month and not forget to mention brand new remix which I literally finished day before ADE for Hannah Wants tune Love Somebody and she already played it on BBC radio 1 and Toolroom showcase at ADE. Looking forward for this one !

PZB: Thank you so much for your time and the incredible mix you put together. Please keep us posted on future releases and we would love to see you in Los Angeles soon.

Track List

Demarzo – Paragon
Dateless – Utopia 303
Jesse Perez – Fake (Sex Sells Remix)
Eskuche – Passion (Etiquette)
Eskuche – Repeat (Solid Grooves Raw)
Cuartero – Pa Chu
Eskuche – Naked
Cuartero – Repit
Ataxia – Mad Tick
Luca Donzelli – RLZ
Reelow – Your Force
Prok | Fitch, Eskuche – Disco Feeling
Unknown Artist – Spirit Of Desire


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