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LAMP Weekly Mix #296 PZB’s Speicher Tribute Mix

Mix curator PZB here jumping into action with this weeks mix. One of mine and LAMP’s favorite labels out there is Kompakt Records. A sub-label of that is Kompakt Extra which houses probably one of the greatest collections of music, under another sub-label if you will, called Speicher. This series has been going on now for almost 20 years. The first being produced by two of the founders Michael Mayer and Jürgen Paape along with Superpitcher and Auftrieb. Over the years a number of others have contributed. Most notably would be Wolfgang and Rienhard Voigt, Danny Daze, Anna, Oxia, and so many more. I would be remiss if I did not mention that some of the best work that Kölsch has done can all be found on Speicher as well. It is a gold mine of music. It is still one of the few imprints you can regularly find on vinyl. While I wish I could say I have them all, I do have a pretty decent number of them. Most recently Anna & Kittin came together to release #112, which I was able to sneak a track from into the mix. I have been a huge fan of this label and could go on for days about it. If only I had a little more time. Regardless it was a lot of fun putting this together for you even if this is only a little taste of the entire collection. Enjoy the mix. Tracklist coming soon.

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