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LAMP Weekly Mix #283 feat. Quincy Weigert

This week we have a unique and exciting new guest mix from an accomplished producer and DJ based in Park City, Utah by the name of Quincy Weigert. Over the past several years Weigert’s profile has risen quickly in the world of electronic music driven by his keen ear for production and masterful live performances.

Weigert’s talents in the studio have been often recognized by some of the industry’s top artists with support coming from the likes of Paul Oakenfold, Paul Van Dyk, and Markus Shulz. In addition he’s managed to rack up releases on elite imprint’s including Armada Music, Black Hole Recordings, and most recently Ferry Corsten’s Flashover Recordings, proving himself a bright young luminary in the world of trance music. 

For his LAMP guest mix debut he delivers an expansive two-hour mix showing the full breadth of his sharply honed taste as both an artist and DJ. Check out his interview with our own Damon Steele below!

Damon Steele: What are some of your biggest influences both in the world of dance music and outside of it?

Quincy Weigert: There are so many great talents and influences in and out of Dance Music for me. As for artists in the Dance Music scene, I have to give credit to Excision, his live show is overwhelming! Although I am on the Trance side of things my biggest influences as of lately are the guys who are really bringing the heat on stage. Armin Van Buuren although not my initial influence to Trance has an awesome show and it’s amazing to see the continuous passion he brings to his work. Off stage and as for the music itself, I can say that Alex Di Stefano, Tempo Giusto and David Forbes are a few of my favorites at the moment.
Outside of Dance Music I think that Rob Zombie is a true talent who captured the music, image and visual elements needed. He’s also been one of those guys who was totally original from the start and to me that is really cool! 

DS: You’ve had the opportunity to release with some of the all time great labels in trance music. What has been the most exciting label for you to sign with so far?

QW: The most exciting label to sign with so far was certainly Ferry Corten’s Flashover Recordings. I’ve actually got a new track I’m working on right now that I hope to make my official follow up release from ‘Stories in the Sky’! 

DS: I know you’ve been making music and DJing for a long time, how exactly did you get started and when did you first know you wanted to be an artist?

 QW: I really don’t know if I can pin point an exact time when the switch for music and art flipped. I think my love for music grew especially in my younger teen years, I remember my Mom telling me she would buy me ‘Tiesto’s In Search Of Sunrise – Vol. 4’ if I got an ‘A’ on a certain test in school. At that time I was at a private school that didnt allow much for expression and instead tried to surpress personal discovery, because of this Dance Music was that much more intoxicating as it was truly the ultimate escape.
Dance Music really became magical for me early on, I was definitely not your typical twelve year old kid. I was tuned into Nick Warren’s ‘Global Underground’ series, Niklas Harding’s ‘Nikki Haddi’ podcast, Andy Moor’s ‘Moor Music’, ‘GDJB’ with Markus Schulz and Paul Oakenfold’s ‘Another World’ compilation alongside many other classic releases and radioshows consuming much of my free time.
 Music and art went on to mean more and more with each life experience, teen years are sensitive and when things didn’t go my way I turned to music as a way to express and rebel! 

DS: You’ve been living in Park City, Utah for several years now, what kind of inspiration do you draw from where you live?

QW: Park City is awesome, I feel lucky to live here! In the Summers we have amazing stars at night, sometimes it’s fun to go cruise on a late night walk with the tunes. Also, Skiing with music in the Winter is fun. Sometimes when I’m not sure about a new project, I’ll bounce the idea and take it for a long walk or take it skiing, when I’m out in the elements getting away from things and being out in nature can help me decide if I really like something or not. 

DS: I’ve noticed your song titles and mixes all seem to have interesting names and narratives. What are some of the stories/themes you try to convey through your music?

QW: Absolutely, I’ve been trying to create a certain feeling through my song titles and mixes since the very beginning. Raspberry Avenue, The Orchard, October’s Eve and Temptations Theme are all examples of me trying to produce a thrilling environment with my work. Dark lit rooms, rolling basslines, champagne and beautiful women have always sounded like a good time to me. There’s no point in living if you can’t feel alive. Dance music for me is a healthy outlet that allows that extra bit of life to shine through. 

DS: You’ve had the chance to meet and work with some of your heroes in the world of dance music, if you could pick one to collaborate with who would it be and why?

QW: Markus Schulz, because in my eyes he had the biggest influence on me as a youngster while he was pioneering the darker but still pumping and groovy bassline driven Trance sound. 

DS: During your formative years as a DJ I know you traveled abroad and had some opportunities to play outside of the U.S. tell me a little bit about those travels and what kind of influence that had on you as an artist?

QW: Sure, each crowd and each venue has it’s own vibe, I spent a good amount of time in Spain and knew to always take my time building into the real Trance sounds as often times I was playing after House and Techno DJ’s. It’s important to take your time and build a vibe with the crowd before hitting them with the biggest tracks in your playlist. It’s definitely not all about ‘The Drop’, you have to keep the journey in mind and be able to keep the feeling alive for hours. I’m not one to pre plan sets, I like to be in the moment with the audience and almost pretend as if I am in the crowd with them, this is what works best for me and it is something I’ve slowly processed and become better at over the years. 

DS: As a producer you’ve been able to accomplish some impressive feats at a relatively young age, what are some of the musical goals you’re aiming for in 2019 and beyond?

QW: Right now my main goal is the fusion of both music and visuals. I’m currently taking on the biggest step in my career thus far by relaunching my show the Nethertapes, at episode #27 the show will resurface with a new 2HR format that will coencide with visuals from start to finish. I’m putting in a lot of work right now trying to sort and edit clips that I feel properly match the music and can be used not only for the Nethertapes but also on stage! 

DS: I know you have an incredible work ethic in the studio and in your career so I know there must be more material on the way! What can fans expect to hear from you in the near future?

QW: I think my ear has really matured over the past three years, so much so that I’ve allowed myself to drift into a style of music that is fairly different from what I got into in the beginning, Psy and Tech have really became amazing and some of the producers are making crazy detailed productions. I’d like to take what I’ve learned over the past while since diving into more intricate styles of production and apply it to the older style I was into. A few of my recent tunes are pretty heavy sounding so I think for the future it would be cool to take this focus and attention to detail and apply it to a more uplifting style. I think I’d like to continue in the same vein as previous releases like ‘Limits of Blue’ or ‘South Eden’ but with a new and modern twist, I want to make tracks that feel good but also totally slam! 

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