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LAMP Weekly MIx #254 feat. Awaken

Keeping it in the family this week we are happy to have Awaken back with us as we get ready to release a brand new remix package from his debut album with PUZL records. With remixes coming from Xinobi, Pascal Pur, Franks Serin and Silly Nova we get to revisit the amazing release from earlier this year. The French producer is always very mindful of the overall message that his music conveys. Even his mixes take on that same philosophy. We go by number here at LAMP and as such the mix is titled #254 and don’t usually have mixes submitted to us with a title. Awaken has given this mix a title “Abeyance” which I would feel bad for neglecting as it is part of the art he is making. There are a few meanings that can be derived from that word after listening to the mix. If you don’t know what Abeyance means, look it up and see if you agree. Sit back and enjoy the smooth and melodic tones that dominate the landscape as he takes listeners on journey of musical discovery and enlightenment. MR PUZL asked Awaken a few question which you can jump into down below and you will also find the complete track listing as well. Enjoy.

MR PUZL:Welcome back to the series! You dubbed your first guest mix for us, “traveling through music”. What have you got in store for us this time around?

Awaken:A voyage that is essentially influenced by this summer in Corsica. As you can see the picture is a sunset taken not far from Calvi north west of the island. The golden hour is so perfect that it can only inspire you musically. This mix is a reflection of what I felt.

MR PUZL:Your debut EP ‘Reflection Eternal’ was a wonderful release, and was inspired by your travels. Have you been traveling at all since then? If so, has it resulted in any new material?

Awaken: Since then I travelled to NYC, Sicilia (Italy). New York was a blast, I never thought I would like this city after being there 2 times before I was not keen on going because of my last experiences. But this time is was very inspiring. Great weather, the architecture is incredible and I got to see it from way up (Helicopter ride). I composed a few ideas on the plane back. Sicilia was very dry and lonely from my perspective. Little villages here and there.

MR PUZL: We’ve heard that theres a remix package of your EP on the way 😉 Tell us a little bit about that, and who is on the record?

Awaken: Yes, I’m very happy thanks to Puzl Records for this release due 23rd November. I really wanted to work with Xinobi and he actually agreed to do a remix of ‘The Dream’ so I’m very excited for that. Also on there is my buddy Silly Nova who I’ve known for a while now. He’s a great producer so look out for him in the near future. We also have remixes from Pascal Pur and Frank Serin. 2 great guys that have done some really great work with the stems. And to finish Mr Puzl himself alway found a lot of energy in his productions. I think it’s going to be a great Remix EP!

MR PUZL:You also mentioned to us that you have some new original music coming out on a pretty amazing label. Can you talk about it and share the news with our audience?

Awaken: Yes, I did a track for Einmusika Records, which should come out end of the year on Ein2 compilation. Very excited. Then I have a few tracks in stock ready to be sent to selected record labels as well.

MR PUZL: There’s a lot of negativity floating around us at the moment. How is that affecting you as an artists and what would your message be for those who are finding it hard to create at times like this?

Awaken:Oh man, I’ve stopped following the media for a while now. It’s too depressing. For example, I live in Paris and I’m not even aware of strikes going on in the city. It’s my friends that alert me. I have the luxury of working at night (gigs, dj residencies) so I don’t really see all that corruption fortunately for me.

MR PUZL: Our industry is constantly going through changes, and we as artists are competing for ears with so many others out there. On the flip, listeners are bombarded and overwhelmed with the amount of music out there. How do you try to connect with your audience, and what do you feel helps you stay relevant?

Awaken: Frankly right now it’s not that easy. Like you say so much is out there. You really need to search first where you wanna hit, where you musically want to go. Doing what you want to do and not just imitating others. Get inspired by them but not copying. It takes patience and time to be creative and to develop an audience.

MR PUZL: To end on a positive note… If you could work with an artist (or artists) in the studio on a track, album, concept. Who would it be and why?

Awaken: I would say a Superpoze or a Christian Löffier those guys bring so much more than just gimmicks and melodies. They create a world of their own. That’s what I’m aiming.

Track List

Lane 8 & Anderholm – Bluebird
Ben Böhmer – Flug & Fall
David Hohme – Fear Less (Hraach Remix)
Jeremy Olander – Caravelle
Monolink – Swaller (Oliver Koletzki Remix)
Xinobi – Aguascalientes
Few Nolder – Clouds (Boso Reversion)
Einsmusik – Tonina
Andre Lodemann – Vehemence of Silence
Stimming – Der Garten

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