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LAMP Weekly Mix #231 feat. Needs No Sleep

This week we welcome Australian artist Needs No Sleep to the mix series. With recent releases on Audiophile, Jump To This Records and a few others he is garnering the music worlds attention with this new project. His music is filled with rich bass lines and complex grooves that set dance floors on fire. We are just getting to know this producer who has been making a name for himself down under and is set to break out to the international scene. We have more for you from Needs No Sleep in this weeks interview along with the complete track list down below.So sit back and enjoy this insanely fun jackin’ house mix and get a bit more familiar with Needs No Sleep.

PZB: This week we welcome Australian producer Need No Sleep to the LAMP weekly Mix series. Thanks for putting this one together for us. What do you have on deck for us this week?

Needs No Sleep: My latest 2 releases along with an ID and some fresh tech house!

PZB: I was just recently exposed to your music via the Lucati collaboration you released recently for Jump To This Records. It is a really great tune. I can’t get enough of the bass line and groove. What got you into house music and how long have you been producing?

NNS: I’ve been producing music for about 5 years. I previously wrote music under another alias making more EDM stuff however a trip to Ibiza changed everything for me and I became attracted to the more underground side of dance music.

PZB: It says on your bio that you are from Melbourne. I have never been there but would love to visit sometime. I know that the city has quite the reputation for being a melting pot of culture and has a vibrant dance market as a result. What are some of your favorite clubs in the city to play at and see a show?

NNS: Circus Nightclub and Pawn & Co Nightclub are both great spots to hear some fresh tech house.

PZB: Who would you say are a couple of your musical inspirations growing up both on a local front as well as internationally?

NNS: The Presets are a great Australian dance duo who I think had a huge impact on me growing up, especially their album ‘Apocalypso’.

PZB: Oh man I absolutely love the presets. Have been lucky to see them a couple times my self! Congratulations on your recent Audiophile Double XX Grande release. We have been following them here for quite a while. They are a long way away from Australia, how did you wind up connecting with them for that release?

NNS: I have been a fan of theirs for a while. I feel they are a really credible label that have a lot of support from the artists in the scene. I’m not sure exactly how the signing came about but iIbelieve my manager hooked it up

PZB: While we are on the topic of releases after going through most of your catalog I am hungry for some more. What can you share with us in regards to any future releases?

NNS: There’s no shortage of new music from me, I’m constantly writing new stuff and coming up with new ideas.

PZB: If we were sitting in your studio with you what sort of setup would we be looking at? Do you have any particular pieces of hardware or software that you really love to work with?

NNS: I’ve got a pair of Adam A7x monitors which are great. I also have enjoyed playing with hardware synths since I started Needs No Sleep and in particular I have a Korg Ms 20 mini and a Moog Subsequent 37 which I’ve used in numerous productions

PZB: Let’s say you’re working on a new tune and you’ve got the chance to program some remixes for the EP. If you could have your pick and money, time etc were no object who are some of you favourite producers right now that you’d want to have a go at reworking your tracks?

NNS: Malaa or Shiba San would be great to hear what they would do to one of my tracks.

PZB: If you had one night to entertain someone who had never been to Melbourne what would you do?

NNS: Start with a great meal and then head out for some drinks and somehow end up at Tramp Nightclub haha

PZB: Thank you very much for taking the time to put together the mix for us this week. Really looking forward to hearing and sharing it. Please keep us posted on any upcoming trips you may have to Los Angeles. Would love to come check you out and give our followers the heads up as well.

NNS: Cheers. Thanks for giving me the time

Track List

1. Needs No Sleep – Don’t Stop
2. Green Velvet & Mason Maynard – Automate
3. Pax – Universe
4. Lucati & Needs No Sleep – Here 2 Party
5. 4a – Body Jack (Get My Swerve On)
6. Wade – Boyz In The Hood (Camelphat Remix))
7. SYAP – Bamboozled
8. Detlef & Dajae – Deep Dip
9. John Summit – In My Face
10. Jack N Jerk – Wign Gyrl
11. Chris Lake – Lose My Mind 
12. Shiba San – Back To Funk
13. Gorgon City – Motorola 
14. Needs No Sleep – ID
15. Torren Foot – Hot Sauce

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