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LAMP Weekly Mix #230 feat Oscar L

Really excited to share a new mix with you from Spanish producer Oscar L. With a catalog that dates back over a decade he has firmly established himself as one of the top producers and purveyors of banging ass club tracks that have kept many a party moving till the early dawn and beyond. The people of Santiago Chile certainly got to experience that live and in person as is apparent from the cheers and whistles you can hear in the background of the mix. We have a special live recording from Oscar L this past weekend when he took to the decks with another legend Pirupa at Club Room Chile on May 26th. We had to wait a bit on the interview due to travel but alas here you go. Enjoy.

PZB: Hi Oscar! We really appreciate you joining our series and finding some time to record this mix. I have been a long time fan of your music and really excited to share your mix with our audience. What have you queued up for our listeners this week?

Oscar L: Hi guys, It’s a pleasure to me to come back to your podcast, I mixed some of the tunes I’m playing right now in all muy sets, my new releases on Truesoul, new tracks from Chus & Ceballos, Adrian hour and many more!

PZB: 2018 has been a great year for you so far with releases on MOAN, Nonstop and a few others. Most recently you dropped an EP on Truesoul that absolutely smashes. What else have you got on tape for 2018 you can share with us?

Oscar L: At the end of the summer it will be a new release with my man Leon that includes a remix from Mathias Kaden. It will be released on Moan, groovy stuff!… I have a new remix I did for Elio Riso and new collaboration with Matt Sassari and Loco & Jam

PZB: I am always impressed with the fellow weekly podcast presenters out there because I know how much work goes into coordinating and putting a mix out each week. How long have you been running your podcast and what was the inspiration behind it?

Oscar L: I was doing a radio show in Spain many years ago, them I stoped because the travels but in 2012 I started with Dmix. It’s a hard work because like you said coordinating all ways it’s not easy but right now I’m very happy with the show, more than 100 radio stations is broadcasting the radio show every week around the world!

PZB: Even though you are still very young you are extremely experienced and have been at this for over 10 years. Who were some of the inspirations for you musically growing up and how did you get started in the world of Techno?

Oscar l: I’m not very young… 38 ahaha… I started like resident dj in some of the big clubs at my hometown, there I had the pleasure to listen many guest deejays and trying to get the best of each one… Step by step I move to the dark side of the music because on that time I was more comercial.

PZB: Haha I think 38 is still pretty young and you don’t look it. Must be good Spanish genes! Growing up in Spain you have been surrounded by never ending culture. I left a little bit of my heart in Spain both times I visited. It has amazing culture and the difference from one region to another is astounding. What region do you call home and where are a some places you love to perform at in Spain?

Oscar L: I’m from Madrid, this is my home and where I started like dj, but I have been playing in many places around my country and its not easy to choose one…. Barcelona or Bilbao could be my options!

PZB: Tell us about your studio set up please. What Hardware/ Software do you use and what are some plug-ins you can’t live without?

Oscar L: I’m using Ableton live, Apollo Twin like sound card, a Roland Tr8 and no much more… a lot of Native Instruments software and many sound libraries

PZB: Your tracks have been released by some of the biggest labels in dance music. Including Suara, 1605 , Truesoul, and many, many more. I could go on for days. What have been some of your favorite labels to work with over the years and is there a label out there that has been on your radar that you have yet to release on?

Oscar L: I had the opportunity of work with many labels and Stereo for me is like my second home. For sure Suara is very important because I had that number one on Beatport for almost 6 weeks… and Truesoul was my goal! To be honest there is not to many labels right now where I would like to edit my tracks but for example 8bit is one them where I want to try to release.

PZB: To be constantly making art is a difficult and taxing endeavor. When you’re stuck and cannot seem to get out of a creative rut, what do you do to get inspired?

Oscar L: I’m doing websites and apps hahaha, it’s something that I like and help me to get out my mind from music

PZB: One question I like to ask our guest mix artists that have had extensive travel and touring experience is where there favorite place/ festival in the world they played. You have had so many opportunities to travel and play music where have been your highlight moments?

Oscar L: I have to say that Chile, for me right now is one of the best crows in the world. I have been playing there a few times and the vibes and the parties are amazing! I have some friends there and always it’s a pleasure to come back to play in this country

Track List

Elio Riso & Muter – You (Oscar L Remix) [Stereo]
Mulya – MARVIN
Steffen Deux – Where U From (Original Mix)
Peace Division – Eh Oh Um – Original Mix
Jacopo Ferrari – Five Cats Original Mix
Kevin Saunderson – Future Feat Inner City Kenny Larkin Tension Mix
Hybrasil – Kapteyne
Oscar L – Multiplayer
Oscar L – Primewire
Jiggler – Serenity Original Mix
Veerus – PARANOIC (Original Mix)
Celeda, Henrix – The Underground (Ronnie Spiteri Remix)
Karretero – Silouetthe (Original Mix)
Gaga – Growler (Oscar L Remix)
Hot Since 82 & Joe T. Vannelli – The End (feat. Csilla) [Sabb Remix]
Oscar L – Monster Tube
Jacopo Ferrari – Five Cats Original Mix

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