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LAMP Weekly Mix #222 feat. Lubelski

Welcome back for another weekly mix here at LAMP. Fresh off the announcement of this years lineup for Desert Hearts (which looks fantastic by the way) we have one of their longtime residents and recording artists Lubelski joining us in the studio this week for the mix. In addition he has recently had a couple of smash releases with Lapsus Music along with his buddy Rybo further cementing his foot hold in the tech house world that is exploding at the moment. He put together an absolutely incredible mix for us this week so sit back and enjoy and if your sitting don’t be surprised if you are up and dancing soon! We have the complete track list and interview below so make sure to check that out and enjoy the mix.

PZB:Hey there Lubelski! Thank you for joining us this week for the weekly mix series here at LAMP. Let’s get started and tell our listeners what you have in store for them this week?

Lubelski: My pleasure, man! So I decided to make this mix with a bunch of tunes I don’t necessarily play in my sets as well as some unreleased material I have—a lot of cool and weird stuff that I’ve been listening to lately. I wanted to make something you could listen to in any setting, whether out partying or just hanging at home.

PZB: Congratulations on your recent releases with Lapsus Music along with your partner in crime RYBO. Your Dance Machine EP is outstanding and Bula on the Miami Sampler is a beast. Any other new releases you can let us know about?

Lubelski: Thank you dude! We were very stoked on getting some music out with the LAPSUS guys. Supernova are great dudes and we really couldn’t be happier about the music turned out. Up next, I have a release called Revolution on Audiojack’s label Gruuv which I’m super amped on. I have a couple others in the pipeline but can’t fully those disclose yet.

PZB: Wow that is fantastic news. Looking forward to that. Speaking of RYBO, you two have been working together quite a bit as a duo; tell us more about that relationship and working with others in general as you collaborate quite a bit with other artists.

Lubelski: RYBO is one of the chillest dudes ever. He’s incredibly easy to work with and I think it helps a lot that we are on the same vibe, musically and otherwise. I like collaborating because it helps me get out of my own head and stops me from changing something that might already be a pretty solid idea. I think getting feedback from other people that you trust is really important for that same reason. I will say it’s hard for me to collaborate with just anyone though.

PZB: When you sit down to make a track, what are some initial things you always do before getting started? Do you usually have something already in mind before you set out to start crafting the song?

Lubelski: When I make a house track, I like to think of it kind of like building a house. A house will only be as strong as its foundation, so I usually start with the drums and bass. It depends though; sometimes I’ll have a particular vibe, lyric, or a sample that I’m really feeling and will craft the beat around that.

PZB: Speaking of the studio, what kind of setup do you usually work with? Do you ever work on the road? If so, what do you usually bring with you?

Lubelski: I really love the feel of analog gear, there’s just something about having a conversation with a synth that you can’t really get from a VST, like the VSTs are too perfectly made, you know? With synths you can get a lot of happy accidents and cool textures that you might not be able to get with VSTs. In terms of gear, I have a Vermona DRM1 MK III, Moog Sub37, Prophet 6, Doepfer Modular System, some midi keyboards and guitar pedals as well. When I work on the road, I just bring my laptop with me but make sure all my samples are recorded in Dropbox so I can have access to them whenever I want.

PZB: What first inspired you to start producing? Who were some early influences that got you into dance music?

Lubelski: I was first inspired to make electronic music from my grandma, actually! My grandma showed me guys like Moby, Fatboy Slim, and The Prodigy when I was a little kid, and it was so unlike the music my parents were listening to—I was hooked. I didn’t really start making that type of music til I was about 14 or 15 though, before that I was messing around with recording my guitar stuff and making hiphop beats for my friends to rap on.

PZB: The 2018 festival and summer season of events is just around the corner. Coachella is on our doorstep and I imagine that you along with the rest of the Desert Hearts Family are gearing up for the annual event at Los Coyotes at the end of the month as well. What are some of the events you have lined up this summer you can mention that you are most excited about.

Lubelski: I’ll be playing at the HP Lounge on the Coachella grounds Weekend 1, then head to San Francisco to play Bicycle Day with Shpongle, RYBO, R. Fentz, and Fritz at The Midway. And of course, I’m most excited to be heading back to the Rez to play with The Desert Hearts Family. It’s my favorite event of the year, for sure! I have a bunch of other shows lined up for the Summer, but we will just have to wait til those get announced.

PZB: You are also hosting some really fun new parties here in LA called Mixed Brains and I see you have our bud Joeski coming in along with the amazing Jesse Perez. Tell us a little bit more about how that all came together and where people can find out more about the events.

Lubelski: Mixed Brains is run by a few friends and I. Really got to shout out my girlfriend Kaya Day, and our friends Peter Dawson, and Charlie Winterhalter for trying to make an elevated party experience in LA. Stay tuned to @mixedbrains socials as we post about all of our forthcoming stuff on there; mostly on Instagram though. We have some really cool stuff planned for the Summer that we are all very excited about as well.

PZB: Ok last one just for fun. What are some of your guilty pleasure tracks you play out when the moment strikes?

Lubelski: I play this one more than I should, really, but people seem to respond well to it every time I do. There’s no real bass line in the song but the vocals sound like an there’s alien speaking Portuguese through a time machine. So you could say, it’s an all time favorite of mine, for sure.

Caminho De Dreyfus (Rebelledo Remix) by Red Axes

PZB: Thank you Lubelski!

Track List

Affectant – Daze Maxim [Hello?Repeat]
Balkafono – Julien Chaptal [Remote Area]
Groove Catcher – Marco Carola [Play It Loud!]
Lullaby feat Suz – Tom Ellis [Artistika Records]
Let’s Lovedance Tonight (Underdog’s Breakdown Edit) – Gary’s Gang [Underdog Edits]
Dope High – Kiko Navarro [Local Talk]
Six Million Bassdrums Later – Christian S [Cómeme]
Meet Me At The Freezer – Chicken Lips [Kingsize]
Eurovoodoo – Riva Starr [Crosstown Rebels]
Bullfrogging – Jay Shepherd [PETS Recordings]
Carnaval Brown (Kley Remix) – Jp Chronic [Code2 Records]
Lunar Carnival – Dalphie [Gruuv]
Poema (Mendo Remix) – Luca Lento [Clarisse Records]
Inner Groove – Lubelski [forthcoming Gruuv]

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