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LAMP Weekly Mix #218 feat. A Skitzo

This week we welcome recording artist @a-skitzo to the mix series. Having recently released with Anagrama Records and the featured subject of our track of the day blog for his release with Submarine Vibes last year, we wanted to share some more of his music with you. He has put together a wonderful mix of songs for you this week that is comprised of several of his own originals along with some other well known underground house and techno jams. PZB had a chance to ask A Skitzo some questions so sit back and enjoy the mix while you get to know more about the artist. Track list below as well.

PZB: Thank you for putting together this weeks mix for us. It is a pleasure to have you join the series. Can you give our listeners an idea of what they can expect from your mix?

A Skitzo: Thank you for having me! Listeners can expect a beautiful music journey with me as the captain! 😉 I hope you all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed putting it together for you.

PZB: A while back one of our editors introduced us to you through your track “Atlantis” for Submarine Vibes. I really enjoy how it sets me on a journey when I listen to it. How would you describe your music to someone who is discovering your music for the first time?

AS: I would describe it as emotional, melodic and hypnotic mixed with very tight bass and drums.

PZB: How did you first get into Producing and DJing and who were some of your earliest music influences?

AS: My earliest influences are my dad and my brother, both musicians. My dad spent most of his life singing and playing traditional fold music knows as Sevdalinka, originating in my home country of Bosnia and Herzegovina. I grew up around my brother playing many instruments. I got my start as a scratch and turntable DJ, competing in different DMC competitions, playing abstract hip-hop, trip hop, Ninja Tune to Warp label, and incorporating styles all the way from the East to the West coast of the United States. I later developed a love for techno and house music which soon started showing up in my productions. My career took a big turn after attending the Red Bull Music Academy in Rome, after which I really started focusing on mastering music production.

PZB: I really enjoyed your mix and going through the tracks I noticed you have a nice collection of tunes at the end there that are original productions. I saw Dysphemism was recently released on Anagrama Music what can you tell us about that and any other releases that you have coming up?

AS: I appreciate that, thank you! “Dysphemism” came out on an EP called “Pineal Gland” on a wonderful Spanish label called Anagrama. I also have a new single called “Albatros” on ICONYC, a New York City based label. My new track “Doppler” will be releasing in the coming weeks on Mirabilis Record, followed by a very special new song releasing on Where The Heart Is, an independent deep house label from NYC.

PZB: I personally have had a little bit of experience in the the balkan region, specifically Croatia. It is an extremely vibrant region for music of all types. I noticed that you have been heavily involved in the electronic music scene there with radio shows and workshops over the years. Coming from a family of musicians in Bosnia yourself, what are some noticeable changes you witnessed in the last 10 years in the Balkan music scene?

AS: We have a growing electronic music scene in the Balkans now with more people listening and producing dance music. Our culture has a very unique sound of music that I see coming out in both my own productions and that of others. We have become more informed and our scene is growing with both weekly events and festivals that are bringing people together to enjoy the music and build friendships.

PZB: Touring and traveling is a major part of any DJ/Producers career and it looks like you have had plenty of opportunity to do that. What has been the most rewarding travel experience you have had as a result of your music?

AS: Finding love and happiness through music and that is all one can ask for.

PZB: One aspect that you seem to be really focusing on recently is your original productions. Can you walk us through your studio set up? What type of DAW do you prefer? Any pieces of Hardware you can’t live with out?

AS: My studio set up is not too complicated. I like to use a few special things that I keep up with. Yamaha HS8 Speakers, Apogee Ensemble Sound Card, Logic Software (sometimes Reason too), Role Seaboard Controller and a bunch of VST’s.

PZB: We too are big proponents of helping others by sharing the knowledge we have gained over the years and our experience in the industry. Tell us more about how you are helping to foster other talents in the Balkan community?

AS: I recently opened up my own DJ/production school where I teach young locals the things that I’ve learned. I think it’s important to help the younger generation so that they can grow up and contribute to our growing scene. We owe it to them!

PZB: The name of the school is Modular and it is based in Sarejevo, if you are reading this from that region of the world, make sure to check it out.With all the new festivals popping up in the area along with the ones that have been around forever like Exit and Dimensions which one is your most favorite to go to and which is your most favorite you have played in the past?

AS: I have to definitely say Exit (I grew up with that festival!) and also Hideout, Dimension and Outlook Festival. It’s amazing meeting so many new people and seeing how they react to my music, it’s truly an amazing experience each time and I am so thankful for everyone who comes out to see me play!

Track List

Giorgia Angiuli – Over the clouds
Guy Gerber – Secret Encounters
Anna – Odd concept
Jacob B – From the undergoround
Dennis Cruz – Mad
James Harcourt – Infected
Marino Cnal – Strain
Sascha feat Police – Out of time
Adana Twins – Uncompromising
Citizen Kain – Meantime , part 1
Andrew G Ellen – Hope
Rafael Cerato & Artbat – Uplift
Cristoph – Alone
A Skitzo & Farrel – Dune
A Skitzo – Another One
A Skitzo – Dysphemism
A Skitzo – Doppler
Fatima Yamaha – Araya
A Skitzo – Don’t stop (Pammin rmx)

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