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LAMP Weekly Mix #215 feat. PZB

It has been quite some time since I did back to back mixes for you all. You might remember back in the day I used to do one of these every week. It continued on for quite a while until the “guest mix protocol” (haha that makes it sound like a movie or or something) was created and we started swapping other artist in from the label and reaching out beyond. The series has elevated over the years to include some of our favorite musicians across the planet. and it is so much fun to be able to have this outlet to share music with you I wanted to do it again for back to back weeks for old time sake. This week I had the opportunity to record on three decks and I took full advantage. I did not plan anything other than picking out about 100 songs to play and just hit the record button and went after it for about an hour. The result is a new mix of mostly new techno tracks that have just been released recently. I hope you will enjoy the journey. Cheers. – PZB

Track List

1.) Voigt & Voigt – Superpitch
2.) ANNA – Hidden Beauties
3.) Citizen Kain, Nakadia – Rumble In The Jungle (Reinier Zonneveld Remix)
4.) OC & Verde – History
5.) Reset Robot – Manhattan Project
6.) Sasha, Alan Fitzpatrick – El Jefe (Version 1)
7). Third Son – Underworld
8.) Hoshina Anniversary – Slothful
9.) Binaryh, Never Lost – Urania
10.) Yan Cook – Nix
11.) Darren Emerson – Daschine (Acid Tool)
12.) Marc Houle, Sian, Marsian – X-Rays (Audiojack Remix)

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