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LAMP Weekly Mix #212 feat. Joluca

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For this next installment of our weekly mix series we’re returning state-side with a fresh tape from newcomers Joluca. The duo have been at it for almost a year under this new moniker and as recent transplants from our neighbors to north we’re happy to welcome them to the concrete jungle! With a recent drop on Desert Hearts, their own imprint Night Vision, a recent LAMP drop and more forthcoming goodies from Joluca we recommend you watch this space.

MR PUZL: Gents, welcome to the series. What have you got queued up for our audience this week?

Joluca: We’ve got a sultry production featuring a rolling bassline and intimate vocals. We wrote “Excuse Me” sometime last year and have been playing it in our sets ever since. It’s more reserved than some of our recent stuff, something you could play early or very, very late.

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MP: Congrats on your latest release ‘Danger Zone’ on Desert Hearts! Tell us a bit about how that track came together and how you got connected with the DH family.

J: Thanks! We’ve been following Desert Hearts ever since Dave (David Luca of Joluca) went to Burning Man and came across their camp, Pile Palace. Fast forward to Fall of 2016; Night Vision booked Mikey Lion and Fritz Carlton for a show at The Common, one of our favorite spots in downtown Edmonton. We did some serious bonding with those guys that night, and it was actually the next day that Joluca was born. We’ve been sending demos here and there ever since, and this one caught Mikey’s ear.

MP: The Joluca project is relatively new and has seen quite a bit of progress in the past year. You mentioned in your DMC interview that you “started jamming together in the Night Vision studio.” Tell us a bit more about Night Vision and how that played a role in where you are with the project today.

J: Night Vision is the collaborative effort of about thirteen people. As a collective, we throw events, make music, operate a studio, and run a label — Night Vision Music. The studio is the hub of all our music making and its where we figured out our workflow and what Joluca sounds like. Having a central place to meet and be accountable for was huge for us as we had to book in time and commit to making music on the regular. Additionally, having a group of talented producers and DJs as your best friends and partners make for an awesome environment to make music in. There’s a camaraderie as well as a competitive aspect to everything we do.

MP: Your partnership is described as “brotherly” as well as “unique and dynamic.” What about your partnership speaks specifically to those characteristics?

J: Making music on the computer can be somewhat of a tedious process both physically and mentally so we try to have as much fun as possible in the studio. By jamming on hardware synths and drum machines, running sounds through pedals and effects, and recording the happy accidents that happen when two people mess around with gear. Also, we don’t let ourselves get too worked up by the writing process. If something’s not working, we take a break and come back to it and try and pace ourselves through the rough patches.

MP: I remember when I first came across your work on Perfect Driver with your single ‘Like A Virgin.’ Looking back on that, would you say your music has evolved or is it narrowing in on your vision of Joluca’s sound?

J: We’ve come a long way since writing that track. It’s still very us, but we believe we’ve gotten a lot closer to the sound we want people to associate with Joluca with more recent tracks. Staying open is important to us and we do our best to reflect on our favorite parts of each track and incorporate them into future productions.

MP: Often in music duos, trios, etc. each member plays a certain role in the group. Would you say that is true for your collaboration or is the creative process shared equally?

J: Although we live in different cities now (Edmonton and LA), we’re able to continue to collaborate on projects over Dropbox and continue to have a similar creative process as we did when we were jamming in the same studio together. Sometimes one of us starts a track and gets all the creative parts down, and the other does the final touches/mixdowns. Writing the same tracks in two different studio spaces helps us with mixing our music and how it’s perceived on different monitors and in different spaces. Its been working out well for us!

MP: As you look forward to this year what are some of your aspirations as far as productions and performance go?

J: We feel like we’ve finally hit a nice flow and we’d love to keep it going despite our recent geographical separation. Producing and releasing music is always on our minds, but our biggest goal right now is to play our first show in America.


COEO – Cabrio Mango
Slamb – I Want Your
Anil Aras – Dance MF
Joluca – Excuse Me
Sidney Charles – Good Times feat. Hector Morales
Ninetoes – Deli Kadir (Shaf Huse Remix)
Joluca – Danger Zone
Artwork – Let Go Of This Acid
Sooney – Clap Your Hands (AJ Christou Remix)
Justin Jay – Oii Oii Oiiii
Deeper Purpose – Grumble (Jey Kurmis Remix)
Huxley – Clunk (Reelow Remix)
Red Axes – Silver Bed
Mall Grab – Feel Good House (EAcapella)

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