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LAMP Weekly Mix #211 feat. Christian Hornbostel

Hello friends, this week we welcome Christian Hornbostel to the podcast. Hornbostel caught our attention at the end of last year with his back to back releases for Set About, Natura Viva and Kling Klong Records. No stranger to the music world the German producer is also know for his own weekly radio show that is heard across the globe. His experience has allowed for him to cross and bend genres together in his pursuit to keep spreading his love of music and keeping people dancing. I had a chance to ask him a few questions so we can get to know this producer a little better. Check it out down below along with the complete track list.

PZB:Thank you for joining us this week. Can you tell our audience what they can expect from your mix ?

CH:The mix is a selected preview of what I am playing at the moment during my gigs, including several releases of excellent producers (some of who I have worked with) and some tracks of mine, that were released in the last month.

PZB:We came across your release for Metodi Hristov’s label Set About recently and did a feature on “Assertive Transition” which is how we got to this point here. That EP is one of my favorites as of late and really one of the top releases of the year for me including remixes from Hristov and Citizen Kain. Tell us a little abut how that EP all came together.

CH:I was really happy that Metodi accepted to remix my “Geo Vibes” on Kling Klong Records because at that time I was very impressed with his style. My EP on Set About was a natural consequence of that cooperation, as I then stayed regulary in touch with him. As soon as I was ready with the tracks for the “Assertive Transtition EP” I sent them to him for a feedback. He liked them so much that he offered me to release them on his Set About label.

PZB: Because of that EP, I had to hear more and was pleased to see all of the other releases you have had on Natura Viva and Kling Klong records which are two of my tops. Your follow up to “Assertive Transitions” came from Kling Klong and also has a collaboration with music maestro Peter Dundov. I enjoyed watching the tutorial video to gain a little more insight into your production process. What can we expect from you in 2018 that you are able to tell us about ?

CH:I reckon that you enjoyed it because… of my accent! Jokes aside… with Set About, Natura Viva, Klong Klong and now Pata Pata Recordings the new year started in a creative a joyful mood. I am always composing new tracks, although it is still too early to talk about next labels, but I am pretty sure that the new year will bring excitement and nice surprises in this regard.

PZB:One of the things that your bio on Soundcloud mentions is that you have had extensive experience as a radio DJ (You have a very lovely radio voice). Can you elaborate on that for us and how does that translate to the experience and influence your work as a club DJ ?

CH:I had to go through the channels like many others. In the 90s the usual “entry level” was a job in a radio station… this task gave me and other people the opportunity to make a lot of new contacts in the music biz and to improve my cultural awareness. Also the ability of being able to deal well with people I have gained during my radio experience.

PZB: If I ever had to leave Los Angeles for any reason and I could move anywhere in the world I would move to Pula Croatia. I noticed that you have played a few shows recently in that region of Croatia and Pula specifically. What draws you down there and where has been your favorite place to play there ?

CH:It would be for sure an excellent choice… Pula is a very nice town and, for its relatively small size, it has a lot to offer in terms of entertainment. Actually the Istrian Peninsula in general has a long tradition of huge techno events. So also in Pula many people are influenced by really good club culture and it’s is always fun and enjoyable for me to play there, especially at Zeppelin Club.

PZB: We got a little bit of insight with your tutorial video for “Materia Prima” can you elaborate a little on your studio set up in terms of Hardware and such…DAW of choice Ableton, Logic, Reason or other ?

CH:Actually I have been a Cubase, Logic and ProTools user for a long time… since the end of 2016 I am working with Ableton Live and I am really happy. Ableton is an extremely intuitive and efficient Software, and now with Push 2 it offers even more effective possibilities for implementations. As you probably already saw in my tutorial, I normally use Avenger, Serum, Reaktor, Massive and some Arturia instruments as main sources for my compositions and productions.

PZB: On that note a lot of sound design goes into your productions what are some of the plug-ins you rely on heavily to create your sounds ?

CH:I won’t reveal it, even if you´d torture me! lol

PZB:Haha, fair enough. We will just have to settle for your tutorials for now. What has been your most exciting moment musically of 2017 ?

CH:More than ‘moment’ I would like to say month… so, the most exciting month was for sure december with the three releases on Set About, on Natura Viva and, last but not least, on Kling Klong Records.

Track List

01. CHRISTIAN HORNBOSTEL – Ethos [SetAbout Music]
02. LANDER B – Argos (Original MIx) [Lonely Owl Records]
03. SKOBER – True Waves (Luca Gaeta Remix) [Electrovino Records]
04. GREGOR TRESHER / PETAR DUNDOV – Stellarius [GTO Recordings]
05. TKNO – Grace (John Belk and Alexandar Ivkovic Rmx) [Tauten]
06. ECLEPT – Stream In Touch [Natura Viva Black]
07. CHRISTIAN HORNBOSTEL – Pulsar [Natura Viva]
08. CHRISTIAN HORNBOSTEL – Aeris [Kling Klong Records]
09. KALIL – Zero Eleven [Natura Viva]
10. METHA – Come Home my Little Jeti [Be Massive Records]
11. BIOTECH – Personal Affairs (Nuno Lisboa Rmx) [ONOFF Recording]

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