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LAMP Weekly Mix #205 feat. Option4

LAMP Weekly Mix #205 feat. Option4

Thank you for tuning in this week. We have Denver based Option4 joining us this go around and we couldn’t be more excited. It has been a great year for Option4 and 2018 is looking to be an even bigger year with loads of releases scheduled and it is also worth mentioning he has a new label HotBoi Records, which is making huge strides since it’s debut in September. If you have spent any time in Denver over the last few years it is also highly likely you have attended one of the events his group “The Hundreds” has put together. All around one of the nicest and hardest working and talented people in the music business I have had the pleasure of meeting. Sit back and enjoy this deep and dark tech infused ensemble he has put together while you learn more about Option4 in our weekly interview conducted by PZB.

PZB: We were first introduced to you a while back when your friend and producing partner from 909 ’til Infinity MANIK itold us about your project together. I have become a big fan of your Option4 releases as well which leads us here today. It is a pleasure to have you on board. I have really been digging the mix. Can you tell our listeners what you have in store for them?

Option4: I just let the mixes dictate their own narrative if that makes sense. I just throw a bunch of tracks together that I’ve been supporting or think are interesting and then start mixing them and seeing what sounds good.. then subtracting the ones that don’t fit. For this mix in particular I wanted to build a mix to set up sort of a crescendo at the end that lead to my new single. It’s dark and heavy so .. thus the mix starts that way and sort of climaxes if that makes sense. There’s SO much good music coming out daily that it actually can be difficult to narrow it down.. but that being said I love the flow of it and hope the listeners do too 🙂

PZB: Congrats on signing the new track to Nervous Records with Worthy. I really enjoy that label and I see you releasing with them quite often. Do you have any other releases coming up with them or any other labels you can tell us about?

Option4:I have more music coming out in 2018 than in my whole career combined basically. I was in sort of a slump a year or two ago and have finally battled out of it. Music is overwhelmingly personal for me so it takes me forever to create stuff. I have so many I honestly can’t keep track off the top of my head at the moment but I’m shooting to release 20+ EP’s next year xx

PZB: Speaking of labels you recently launched a label of your own, HotBoi Records, that is making its mark fairly quickly due to dope productions along with some pretty smart marketing by you and your team. Tell us more about what inspired you to start this label and what can we expect from HotBoi going forward after its debut release “Heat Seekers”.

Option4:Well basically it was some close friends I talk to regularly that sort of pushed me to do it. Moon Boots, Jimmy Edgar, Will Clarke.. they all taught me to see the need for more U.S. independent labels to forge new sound and create an outlet for more artists. The label in 2018 is going to push a much more European sound but my goal is to stay organic with the label and build a brand people can trust/support. Next year we’ll see releases from Will Clarke, Huxley, ZDS etc… But I’m still going to do crowdsourced compilations to give up and coming producers a platform to build off of.

PZB: One of the things I love is your willingness to open doors for aspiring artists to give them opportunities to have their music heard. I regularly see you offer up opening slots to people on your Facebook page and you made a bit of noise with your Producer Discovery Project earlier the year as well. What is the inspiration behind all of this social outreach and how do you find it helps you as a musician/promoter/label owner?

Option4:Well when you get to a certain point of promoting/talent buying you start to see the lines in the matrix so to speak. It becomes less passion and more business. So the whole crowd source idea came to me as a way of going back to the root of booking. IF YOU LIKE THEIR MUSIC. BOOK THEM. And rely on your promotion ability to try and get people to care about the shows when you have them. So it’s been a really healthy thing. We’ve really gotten away from the whole good ol’ boys club thing in Denver where promoters just book their close friends and no one else has an outlet to express their talent. I will continue to do the same thing with HBR.

PZB: You have been fairly instrumental over the last few years in the Denver house music scene. Your promotion group, The Hundred, has been putting together some great events and your weekly pizza party at Steam on Wednesdays seems to be quite the occasion. Please tell us more about how The Hundreds came to be and how it has grown over the years. Also what have been some of your favorite events you have put together this year?

Option4:How it came to be is too long of a story I’m afraid:) But long story short we’re a big group of friends that do stuff together. We’re more of a community than we are a promotion entity. No one in the crew flyers or is required to post about events or anything. We just do cool stuff and hope people join us~ I think the best events in the year are our secret shows. They’re always pretty crazy. It’s a blast

PZB: It was great to run into you a couple of weeks ago at Sound here in LA. Wishing I was gonna be in Detroit for NYE, your first HotBoi party looks like its going to be pretty special. For our listeners that want to come see a show you are playing what are some shows coming up that you have outside of the NYE gig?

Option4:Well at the moment we’re planning/routing the spring tour to coincide with a bunch of releases so hopefully we get a pretty good run in:) The only shows I have announced are just the festival run over NYE weekend. Snowglobe Festival, Snowta Festival then HBR Showcase /w Pezzner at Grasshopper Underground NYE 🙂

PZB: For our producer nerds out there (I’m one of them haha) tell us a little about your studio set up please. What is your DAW of choice, are there any plug-ins or hardware you have that you can’t live with out?

Option4:Oh man i’m a hot mess. I was a very long time reason user but lately I’ve been using logic. It’s quite the learning curve but some of the sample libraries I’m using right now are just waaaaaay too big. Logic’s processing seems more fluid so I had to make the jump. On a uber nerd side of things I’m buying waaaaay too much outboard stuff. I think I caught the bug 🙁

PZB: Just thinking about all of the hats you wear on a daily basis makes me tired. Producer, DJ, Promoter, Label Owner and Im sure that doesn’t cover everything. On the surface to some people it might seem like you are leading this awesome fun party life but at the end of the day it is a product of hard work. It seems like you must have a clone or two running around. How do you find the time to do all of these things?

Option4:Haha.. Umm.. I mean a lot of it all goes in hand in hand really. Being a DJ makes it easier to know what DJ’s you’d like to book. Being a producer ties you into different circles as far as promos are concerned and general marketing of music. Being a talent buyer allows you to see the backend side of the business and that’s helpful knowing how/when to tour etc. I just wake up everyday and answer every email til I’m caught up and then spend the rest of the time in the studio. It’s a lot of hours but that’s the only way the rent gets paid so there’s no point in complaining about it too much 🙂

PZB: What has been you favorite moment of 2017 so far?

Option4:HANDS DOWN GOING b2b with Green Velvet this Summer. We played like 4 hours and it was so incredibly difficult to keep up with him. Couldn’t have had more fun in a club if I tried. Would live that night on repeat groundhog day status forever if I could~

PZB: I love reading about your adventures with the homies throughout the suburbs of Denver and your excursions to the multitude of chain restaurants like Applebee’s, Chili’s, Olive Garden, etc, etc, scattered about. If you had to choose one place to throw a party in where you could have your favorite DJ’s and a never ending buffet of what ever was on the menu which one would you choose?

Option4:Hahahahaaha.. it’s all jokes… I left San Francisco for a small town called Colorado Springs when I was growing up and all we had were Applebee’s and Red Robin’s. Like I think the other day I saw an article for best burger and Red Robin won the award. Every now and again I dip off to the burbs to relive my childhood. It’s just as gross as you would think it is. That being said if I could throw a rave at a Chili’s I’d be DTP. Presidente margaritas for everyone!

Track List

1) Disco-Ish – NDX Music (Rob Pearson Mix)
2) Monocromo – LondonGround
3) Same Aspect – Santos
4) Innocence – Ellen Allien (Truncate Remix)
5) Vena Cava – Fango
6) The Chant – Anthony Parasole
7) My Black Sheep – Len Faki (Jimmy Edgar & Truncate Remix)
8) Rhythm Breaker – Alvaro AM
9) To Be Your Baby – option4 ft. Kid Astronaut

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