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LAMP Weekly Mix #203 feat. Brett Gould

This week we’ve invited East London native Brett Gould to the series. With his career just starting to take off he’s already risen the ranks and become a force to be reckoned with in the scene. His breakout tune ‘Body Language’ put him on the map and was swiftly followed up by ‘House Music Is’ for RIVA STARR’s SNATCH! which saw chart success and was named 9th in the overall top 10 Tech House tracks of 2016. This year he’s followed up swiftly with a succession of releases again on Riva’s imprint as well as our favorite Glasgow Underground, Solid. Grooves and Lost Records. Plug-in and get ready as Brett Gould rinses some old stool flavors into this stellar mixtape.

MR PUZL: First off, congrats on the Traxsource chart for your latest single ‘Take Me Up’, definitely well deserved! Tell us a bit about how this tune came together.

Brett Gould: Thank you. And thanks to anybody that bought a copy… The track just stemmed from an Idea… as they all do really.. Hilton and I had been sending some bits backward and forwards we had started a groove and I suggested this vocal which fit perfectly. It started of as a deeper tracks but we had to double back and get the tech feel back. The base does give it a slightly deeper edge so we actually cut out some of the melodic base and kept it more simple.

MP: We really appreciate you joining our series and finding some time to record this mix. What have you queued up for our listeners?

BG: Inspired by a lot of old skool drum and base samples funnily enough! This is probably the most skool inspired mix I have ever done!

MP: Tell us bit about yourself. How did you first get into producing? Who were some of your earliest musical influences?

BG: My earliest was guys like LTJ Bukem and Dj Randall in drum and base then I got into house. New Yorks Danny Tenaglia and Englands Steve Lawler inspired me massively in the late 90s! They both had a similar sound and gigged a lot together.

MP: Growing up in East London I’m sure you’ve had a great opportunity to see how the house, techno and bass scenes have evolved. Have you got any sort of ‘once in a lifetime’ moments that you’d say inspired you to want to be apart of the scene?

BG: Yeah being at a rave at Camden Palace. Groove Rider was playing and I turned to my mate and said I’m gonna learn how to do that… saved up my pennies and got some decks!

MP: I remember when I first heard ‘House Music Is’; such a big tune. Releasing with Riva must have been a dream! How did you get this tune in front of him? Do you usually create tracks with certain labels in mind or worry about that after the fact?

BG: Yeah it really is. I’m very grateful to him. Sometimes I create with labels in mind… In-fact that properly started after ‘House Music Is’ was made… Although you always have your labels in the back of your head during the production process. I originally had made a track for Anthony Attalla and InCorrect Records called ‘Body Language’ That track started a lot of things for me… Paul C & Paolo Martini remixed the B side called ‘They Wanted The Funk’ and I met the Snatch guys at a DJ Mag party and introduced myself and they knew the connection so gave them my USB..

MP: Seeing your music on Radio 1, and being touted by the industry’s biggest names is such a great accomplishment. Looking back on your career so far, did you imagine you’d be where you’re at today?

BG: Ha it’s weird… You have to believe and have faith… And looking back I have come far and further than some… But I really have loads more to achieve. Getting the acknowledgment is pretty amazing and rubbing shoulders or just chatting to people I looked up to is quite mad. I sometimes look at my chats and emails with the guys I speak to now and think how amazing…

MP: Let’s say you’re working on a new tune and you’ve got the chance to program some remixes for the EP. If you could have your pick and money, time etc were no object who are some of you favourite producers right now that you’d want to have a go at reworking your tracks?

BG: For a varied package I would go
Deep House / Progressive I’d go for a Sasha & Digweed remix
Tech House – Riva Starr
House – Josh Butler
Techno – Reset Robot
I’d also get Danny T and Steve Lawler to do a ltd edition remix!

and for the second disk!

Eric Prydz!
Then i’d get Latmun and Detlef to a remix together.
Then I’d get Liam Howlett to do a breaks mix!

MP: As you close our this year what have been some of the top gigs and touring moments that you’ve had? What new cities and countries could you see yourself heading to in the new year?

BG: I think South America is topping my bill. I’d love to go over there for a tour. It was really great to play for Solid Grooves Ibiza this year. I’d definitely want to play more over there for starters!

MP: Top 5 favourite Jungle tunes ever. Go.

BG: 1) Nasty Habitz – Here Come The Drums
2) Omni Trio – ‘Renegade Snares’ Foul Play Remix
3) LTJ Bukem – ‘Horizons’
4) Nookie – ‘The Sound Of Music’
5) Origin Unknown – ‘Valley Of The Shadows’

Thanks for having me at LAMP 🙂


1) Killed Casette and Tuff Dubb – ‘Jungle’ [Simma Red]
2) Pasqualle Carricio – Boom’ [Sola]
3) Brett Gould ft Shyam – ‘Believe’ [Snatch Records]
4) Paolo Martini – ‘Jungle Boogie’ [Pauls Boutique]
5) Shadow Child – ‘Higher’ [Food Music]
6) Simone Liberalli – ‘Upside Down’ – Saved
7) Fisher – ‘Ya Didn’t [Dirty Bird]
8) Riva Starr & Green Velvet – ‘Keep Pushin’ [Snatch!]
9) Prok & Fitch – ‘Angie’ [Sola]
10) Picca and Mars – ‘Frequencies’ [Pauls Boutique]
11) Klangkuenstler – ‘Ghetto Gospel’ [Roush]
12) Deepshakerz ‘Diggin Down’ Ordinal

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