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LAMP Weekly Mix #202 feat. Gibsun

LAMP Weekly Mix #202 feat. Gibsun

We are happy to welcome Gibsun to the Weekly Mix series today. This talented young DJ has been working hard in all aspects of the underground music world helping support a healthy scene in Santa Barbara and up and down the central coast of California and a few places in between. From Burning Man to Baja his creative ideas and desire to put them into practice with his collective Divine Species, and his own podcast series Sonic Cocktails, have had our attention since we first crossed paths at last years Pismocean Festival, when he was a guest on our stage. He has put together a fantastic mix for us this week so sit back and enjoy the funky vibes while you check out PZB’s interview with Gibsun. You will find the track list down below as well. Enjoy.

PZB: Hello, and thank you for jumping in this week for our Weekly Mix series. Let’s get things started off by telling us what our listeners can expect from your mix.

Gibsun: Glad to be part of this great weekly series! My mix contains house music that is heavily influenced by Hip Hop in terms of samples and vocals. There are upbeat and laid back tracks in this one.

PZB: How did you first get into DJing and who were some of your earliest music influences?

Gibsun: I first got into DJ’ing in 2011. My roommate had a mixer and we played for fun as much as we could for about 2 years then I got my own mixer. My earliest music influences were Nirvana, Rage Against the Machine and Nas. One of my earliest Electronic music shows was Pretty Lights which turned me on to the world of electronic music.

PZB: You are part of one of a few groups of talented and music minded people holding it down along the central coast of California. I am looking forward to making a Sonic Cocktails mix for your Divine Species brand. Can you tell us more about Divine Species and what it encompasses?

Gibsun: Yes! We’re stoked to have your mix in our Sonic Cocktails series. Divine Species had its first official show in 2015 as a group of friends throwing an art and music event at a brewery. Since then we have solidified the collective into four DJ’s, a graphic designer and a performance artist. We work together to throw events and get booked in Santa Barbara, LA, and San Diego so far. We have a clothing line that dropped last year and have some big plans for 2018!

PZB: Been listening to your “Deep Bush Mix <06>” while putting these questions together for you and am absolutely loving it. I feel like I have been transported to the shores of Costa Rica and Playa del Carmen or the deep amazon on some crazy jungle adventure. What have been some of the influences for you musically and who are some of the artists out there you are really drawn to when it comes to this style of music?

Gibsun: Appreciate the feedback! One of my main influences for the Deep Bush mix was when I worked on a farm in Costa Rica then worked and attended Envision Festival. I have always enjoyed global or tribal music. I enjoy the different pace the music gives me on the dance floor and for everyday listening. Nicola Cruz, El Buho, and Goldcap were the main artist that hooked me to that style.

PZB: Speaking of which I saw you are going to be heading to Nicaragua next spring. Congrats that sounds like and adventure and a half. What is the event you will be playing down there and how did you wind up getting that gig?

Gibsun: Thanks man! I am playing a festival called Deeper Sessions in San Juan Del Sur. I reached out to my friend Kennedy who has been getting busy with events down there. He saw me play at Lucidity and Genius Loci festival this past year so he knows what music I like to play and that I have a passion for it.

PZB: You also have played several gigs up and down the coast of California From LA to Baja and all the way up to Burning Man. In addition the list of musicians you have supported is quite impressive. Justin Jay, Oona Dahl, Lee Foss and many more. Tell us about one of those moments the sticks in your mind the most.

Gibsun: I was able to work and play on the road a lot this past year. It gave me opportunities to play as much as possible, taking every little gig. My collective had a Theme Camp at Lucidity festival this year called Jiggytown. We curated a lineup and had big name artist play there. We all played on a main stage and had a strong local buzz after that. As a collective that was our best time so far. Playing at Genius Loci festival was amazing! I love that one and met a lot of great friends including you there. To play my first international gig at such a great event was huge for me. I played a few gigs in San Diego at Kava lounge and Spin nightclub with Divine Species that were all solid. Playing at burning man was a dream come true. After that opened for Justin Martin and Lee Foss in Santa Barbara which was electrifying. Been a good year for music moves!

PZB: In addition to music you are also active in designing and event production as well as photography and performance art. Can you elaborate on your involvement in those areas of the music community?

Gibsun: I worked festivals as a builder before I started DJ’ing seriously. I love the creative production that goes into it. I eventually got a bunch of up cycled building materials, helped build a geodesic dome and sewed some fabric shade which then led me to designing the aesthetic of our events. Once this got rolling I started a company with my buddy Ray last year called Sunray Structures. We get booked to bring the dome or help with builds. I enjoy Acro Yoga, Yoga, Sports and Flow Arts. I have a lot of talented friends that do flow arts. We started a group called Pyroglyphics. It helps me get into different types of music and hang around different people. Photography has always been a hobby of mine. I mostly enjoy capturing the artist I see on my travels and at events.

PZB: Aside from a trip to Centra America what else do you have coming up in the future you would like to share with our Audience?

Gibsun: Divine Species is planning on starting a record label this spring. We are planning to throw our largest event this summer so stay tuned on that release as well as our involvement with Lucidity again this year. We have a new Dome being built for the Spring Season. Follow us on Facebook and Soundcloud to keep up with all that.

PZB: Best place to catch a good show in Santa Barbara?

Gibsun: Best place to catch a show in Santa Barbara for Electronic Music is EOS Lounge. They have big names constantly rolling through and the music managers there have great taste. A good local vibe shows up and the have function ones. Yup

Track List

1: Fold-Calmer Mood
2: Robosonic-Life is like
3: Sage Armstrong-909 Perception
4: Claptone-Cream
5: Whitesquare-Sucker for Love
6: Nick Monaco-Nick’s Episode(Ardalan remix)
7: German brigantine-Fingers Crossed
8: Jesse Rose-Watcha Want
9: 2pac X Linda Clifford X Quinten 909- All Eyes On Me(Clyde P mashup)
10: New York Transit Authority-95
11:808 State-In Yer Face(Bicep Remix)
12: Harry Judda-Lick That
13: Justing Jay-Laffy Taffy
14: Claude Vonstroke ft. Barry drift- Sugar and Cinnamon
15: Schoolboy Q-Studio(Wood Holly Remix)
16: Sacha Robotti-Like This
17: Frank Johnson, Enrique Vela- Borinquen(Eats Everything remix)
18: Cubestar-She Can Get It
19:Abby Jane-The Trip
20: Doorly, Mobula-Future Blues
21: Charlie Rope-Cue Da Q
22: Los Sins-Fetch

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