LAMP Weekly Mix #200 feat. PZB & MR PUZL

LAMP Weekly Mix #200 feat. PZB & MR PUZL

We kicked off this little adventure as a fun side project back in January of 2014. Here we are almost 4 years later and we have done 200 of these weekly mixes. MR PUZL and I would like to say thank you to all of our listeners who have been with us whether it was from the beginning or you are just finding us now. We would also like to thank all of the incredible guest artists who have contributed to this series as well. It is amazing to look back at all of them both local and from across the globe that have shared their talents with our audience. We aren’t going to be stopping anytime soon so keep checking back each week.

Instead of an interview since we thought it would be silly to interview each other, we each wrote a small paragraph about #200 which you can find below along with the track list. Enjoy.

“‘Were in the pipe five by five’ for #200. Coming through ‘Loud and Clear’, literally as we have done a 5 song, b2b session, twice through for a 20 track techno treat this halloween. Really had a blast working with my compadre MR PUZL on this mix. I (PZB) get things started with the first 5 and a new PUZL tune; a Le Monkey remix forthcoming from the legend Kiko. From there MR PUZL takes it over for another 5 tracks. Rinse and repeat and you got yourself a pretty excellent 20 track mix of some of the finest techno we could find for you. It is crazy for me to think that we have been doing this week in and week out for almost 4 years now. We do this purely for the love of music and wanting to share it with as many people as possible. It is important to not forget that and I am glad that we have never lost sight of that goal. Just looking back and seeing all of the incredible artists that have now contributed to this little mix series is mind blowing to me and I am so thankful to all of them, both local and international, It would not be nearly the same with out their contributions as well. Thank you for joining us on this adventure and I hope you all stick around the journey has just begun.” – PZB

“So Josh and I had some grand plans to record our set at Loveboat SF this past weekend as a way to celebrate LAMP’s 200th Weekly Mix. Unfortunately, the mixer on stage was having some issues and we couldn’t get a clean recording. It’s funny because in a way it worked out in our favor. We played some great tracks and got the crowd really engaged that night, but to be honest we had more important things on our mind for this mix… TECHNO. To commemorate over nearly 4 years of weekly mixes Josh and I recorded this set for you last night. It features a very healthy mixture of the varying styles of Techno we’ve come to love and to coincide with Halloween it seemed fitting to throw some darker, driving material in there for good measure.” – MR PUZL

Track List

1.) Le Monkey – HAM (Kiko Remix)
2.) Barbuto – What Is Sound?
3.) Yan Cook – Octa
4.) Flug – Dynamic Range
5.) Thomas Schumacher – Locust
6.) Julian Jeweil – Answer
7.) Linus Quick – Gold
8.) Tomy DeClerque, Devid Dega – Ori Two
9.) Mike Terra (NYC) – Mode 6
10.) Yan Cook – Puffin
11.) Marco Bailey – The Black Stallion
12.) Phil Kieran – Skyhook (Green Velvet Remix)
13.) Reinier Zonneveld – Acid Incident
14.) Andre Crom – Drum Track
15.) Cristian Varela – Energies
16.) TWCOR – Numb
17.) SAMA – Origin
18.) Lindwood – Get Out Of Your Head (Moog Conspiracy Remix)
19.) Eduy – Dancing
20.) Tibi Dabo – Never Never (Original Mix)

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