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LAMP Weekly Mix #199 feat. Rehmark

LAMP Weekly Mix #199 feat. Rehmark

This week we have Rehmark joining us on the podcasts with a special mix recorded live from a recent ADE session. This Spanish born producer has been at it since the age of 16 when he first got a pair of Turntables. He started tinkering with with his sound in the early 2000’s and has recently found success over the last few years and most recently with releases on Off and Truesoul Recordings. Bringing us a steady diet of some of the best techno on offer with his own podcast as well. Sit back and enjoy the dark and soulful techno vibes of Rehmark as we delve a little bit more into his world with our weekly interview conducted by PZB.

PZB: Welcome to the LAMP Weekly Mix series Rehmark. Let’s start off by telling our listeners what they are in store for with your mix.
Hi everybody!!!

Rehmark: A pleasure to be here with you! They have reserved a small sample of my music, that I usually play in my gigs, in this case a ADE ́s live session. Hope you like it!!!

PZB: For our audience that is just hearing your music for the first time how would you describe your sound?

Rehmark: I think we could say that it’s mostly techno. I do not close to any particular kind of techno, but lately I choose very organic sounds, energetic tracks and acidic touches.

PZB: I had come across some of your music about a year ago with your Die Glocke EP along with Nukkah. I was excited when I heard you were interested in doing the podcast for us. I am a big fan of your track “Sedna” for Off Records you released earlier this year as well as your latest about a month ago with Danny Serrano for Truesoul. Is there anything new coming through the pipeline you can share with us or tell us about?

Rehmark: Thank you very much! Yes, the ep for Off Rec has worked quite well and recently with Danny Serrano, as you said, edited by Truesoul Rec¡¡. It has been an honor and is working very well. As for the future, I can tell you that there are signed eps for Gynoid Audio or Riot Rec that they will be out soon and I am working on a new ep for Off.

PZB: A name that seems to be closely associated with you is Nukkah. I see his name on many of your productions and you also have a label together. Tell us more about that please.

Rehmark: Nukkah is my partner in many areas. We coincide musically a lot and his creativity is immense. Currently we do not have label but I can announce that soon there will be news about this hehehe.

PZB: I noticed you also have a weekly podcast that is approaching its 200th episode. Not sure if you realize this or not but this week will be our 199th podcast. I was listening to the most recent #197. Tell us more about WorldSound Series and how our listeners can check it out.

Rehmark: Congratulations, that’s a good coincidence! Yes WorldSound Series is our radio space. They are already six seasons and from three years ago we are on one of the most important Spanish broadcasters like Loca Fm. There, week after week we try to give our vision of techno, we explore and we bet for new sounds and new artists. Luckily we have a big audience and we are very happy about it.

PZB: I left a little bit of my heart in Spain both times I visited. It has amazing culture and the difference from one region to another is astounding. I noticed you spread your time between Madrid, Barcelona and Ibiza. What is it about each of those areas that inspires you musically?

Rehmark: As you say, Spain is a country of many contrasts! Each of these cities contributes a lot. Madrid is where I live and develop my work in the studio and radio. Ibiza is like my second home, the summers there are already a constant! Lol. Barcelona is one of my favorite cities, where it has developed one of the most important club scenes in Europe and has greatly influenced my sound and sessions.

PZB: On that same note while we don’t often talk about it Spain has had and still has some of the worlds best producers when it comes to that driving 4 month floor techno which ever present in your productions and podcasts. Who are some of your musical inspirations that really pushed you into the world of techno?

Rehmark: I am already old school! Spaniards who influenced me a lot like Mulero, Osuna or Molina. Great artists. Now im following for example Regal or Osuna of course (Spanish Djs)

PZB: Who are some of your other inspirations outside of Spain?

Rehmark: Outside of Spain, I still follow Len Faki, Sam Paganini or Dense & Pika, among others. If we talk about my influences I could tell you that irremediably Magda, Richie or Sven were decisive.

PZB: Tell us about your studio set up please. What Hardware/ Software do you use and what are some plug-ins you can’t live without?

Rehmark: Well in my studio we have Ableton as DAW and from there I could tell you that I could not live without my Pro2 by Dave Smith, Electron Octatrack and Rytm and Roland tb3 and Tr8 They are my favorites and with whom I currently work most.

PZB: Traktor, CDJ’s or Live? Which do you prefer and use most often when playing shows?

Rehmark: I think that throughout my career I have been in all of them! Hahaha, but right now I choose my Usb and RMX 1000.

PZB: Have you seen this new Pioneer DJS-1000? What are your thoughts on how it will change live performance for producers and DJ’s alike?

Rehmark: Yes something has come and I have been able to see but very very in passing. I need to see it more carefully, but for few I have been able to see, it looks very good if you like to create your sessions with your own creations, and it’s my case!. Thank you very much for your kindness and I hope you enjoy my session!

Track List

1. Amotik – Nau
2. Johannes Heil feat Markus Suckut – Gospel Twelve
3. Ilario Alicante – Confused
4. Sam Paganini – Elevator
5. Kaiserdisco – Arcus
6. Dubfire – Ribcage (Dense & Pika rmx)
7. Danny Serrano & Rehmark – Second state
8. Flug – Kontrol
9. Len Faki – My Black Sheep (Cleric Y rmx)
10. Tiga vs Audion – Stabbed In The Back (Anna rmx)
11. Andre Crom – Rhea
12. Dolby D – Metamorphoses
13. Inigo Kenedy – Voyager

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