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LAMP Weekly Mix #198 feat. Frank Serin

LAMP Weekly Mix #198 feat. Frank Serin

This week’s guest Frank Serin hails from Lima, Peru and has a shared a fantastic progressive, deep mixtape with us. The 19 year old has already gotten his career off to a wonderful start with his debut single coming on the revered Chapter 24 Records imprint. He’s followed up with several EP’s already including a collaboration with our family member Le Monkey on his Grenoble based label Carton-Pâte Records. We expect to hear much more from this young talent in the coming year.

MR PUZL: Frank! Welcome to our mix man. We’re very excited to have you on the series. What have you queued up for our audience?

Frank Serin: Hi guys, thank you very much for the opportunity you have given me, I am also very excited, for this time I have selected tracks that I have been playing these last months, melodies with good grooves that I hope you like a lot, I have also included my new remix for my good friend Le Monkey.

MP: Congrats on your recent collab with our good friend Le Monkey on his label Carton Pate. How did you first link up with him and his imprint? What drew you to his music and why did you want to work with him?

FS: I must thank Le Monkey for the invitation he made to me to collaborate, it was earlier this year that I received an application in fb and immediately we started talking about our projects he had listened to my last releases and he was interested and he told me if we could start something together, for me I’ve heard his releases and it seems incredible, I think we’ve both found our midpoint in the melodies, I like the tracks I’m going to produce I have melodies like the center of the track, for me that’s what gives meaning to the music I do not want to only produce a few beats for about 8 minutes, I think Le Monkey also found something interesting in my sound that caught his attention.

MP: You’ve had some cool sounds coming out this year including your debut single on Chapter 24 Records with ‘La Sonrisa de la Mujer’. What was your inspiration for creating this track?

FS: It’s the first single with which debuted at age 19, in those days I was very, very excited when I signed with chp24, the guys had liked what I had done and that was very rewarding for me, it’s a track to which I will always keep a lot of appreciation because I opened many roads, I remember inspiring me in my ex girlfriend to produce that track, were very good times without many responsibilities hahaha

MP: The rough translation of the song’s title is The Woman’s Smile. Why did you choose this as the title of your track?

FS: The Woman’s Smile is a way of expressing love, it is something that changes the panorama of any situation in any place, at first I remember that the name was going to be in English but to Marcus (manager chp24) have the idea of doing it in Spanish because to that he also speaks Spanish and was the one that best understood me in those days when I started to learn English, and we were very cool the idea the name, caught the attention and was very well received, I saw there that Jose Padilla I take for one of your compilations.

MP: We’re also excited to have you on our forthcoming 2 volume remix package for Le Monkey’s LP Substance Matinale. Can you tell us a bit about your process for working on that track and why you chose to remix that one in particular?

FS: For me it’s great to be able to participate along with artists that I admire a lot, For my remix I made some versions at the beginning I was improvising with some synths, some drums and little by little I was putting together the remix, the process took me like two months, the truth did not have much hurry but at the same time I wanted to do something special, I was in full contact with Le Monkey so that he was aware of what I was doing, he also gave me some recommendations that helped me a lot. I chose “Geode” from Le Monkey because I found the feeling and atmosphere incredible to work, it is inspiring and I really liked it, of course the album is too.

MP: I’m curious to know how you first got into producing music. Who were some of your earliest inspirations?

FS: The truth is that at the age that I started nobody paid attention to what I was doing, by those times they only cared to be a DJ but I always wanted to go a little further that way I was discovering new things, I also have to mention that producers in Peru are few, would lie if I say that we have enough producers some just want to be DJ’s. I think that seeing some dj’s make their own music called my attention “create and play your own music” I started to investigate software, vts, samples etc, it was frustrating at first because I could not even start a song, I started to search tutorials on youtube sometimes I locked myself up all day in my room to get to learn something. I discovered artists that maybe never listening to but with a spectacular sound as well as renowned producers, what I think inspires me is the passion that I have found in music, every track that I have produced I try to give all possible attention until the more detail, some artists that I have breathed John Digweed, Mano Le Tough, Tale of Us, Dixon to name a few.

MP: I’m not familiar with the scene in Peru, but have seen a massive surge of great music coming out of South America. What can you tell me about your own experience in Lima with regards to electronic music?

FS: The scene in Peru is growing more and more, it is interesting to see how there are young people interested in electronics, we must also highlight that we have very good Peruvian producers around the world, there are people who are training the new generations of DJ / Producers, I think we also have to change the culture a bit in Lima, people are listening to Tech House and have been doing it for some time, they have to realize that there is a lot of music inside the electronics but there are few people who dare to show.

MP: What else have you got planned for the rest of this year? We’ve read you’ve already got some gigs lined up for South America next year. Tell us about them!

FS: To finish this year I’m working on 2 new collaborations with artists from Mexico and Argentina very talented guys, I also work on new remixes for some guys from the Netherlands, and by 2018 I’m already preparing my own gigs, it’s the first time I’m going to play outside of Peru and the emotion invades me, I still do not want to detail the places for the moment because I want it to be a surprise, sure it will be a great experience that I will have, I’m sure you’ll soon hear from me.


Baltra – Seaside Heights
Sebastian Deluca – Terranova
Blancah – Hamato
Sebastien Leger – Nostalgia
Quivver – This Was
Dele Sosimi Afrobeat Orchestra – Too Much Information (Laolu Remix) (Edit)
Sasha – Trigonometry
Fort Romeau – Emu
Markus Homm – Don’t Let Go
Le Monkey – Geode (Frank Serin Remix)

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