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LAMP Weekly Mix #197 feat. Greg Eversoul

LAMP Weekly Mix #197 feat. Greg Eversoul

I have heard this musicians name thrown around quit a bit during the last decade or so in the underground scene here in Los Angeles. He is fresh off his latest release “Albatross” for Kolour Records. Currently making his home in Denver Co, Eversoul has been ever present in San Fransisco, San Diego and Los Angeles and much of the west coast for much longer than that. His talents have sent him across the globe playing alongside legends like John Digweed, Richie Hawtin and Laurent Garnier and many others in Canada, France, Latvia, Mexico and the UK. He has prepared This week PZB got the chance to ask our featured artist a few questions. Make sure to give it a read while you enjoy the outstanding extended mix from Mr Eversoul.

PZB: Hi Greg, welcome to the LAMP Weekly Mix series. Let’s start off by telling our listeners what they are in store for with your mix.

Greg Eversoul: I had a lot of fun for this mix. It is made up of some new, some older and some new original tracks, going deep to heavier and back.

PZB: For our audience that is just hearing your music for the first time how would you describe your sound?

GE: House and Tech Vibe soundtracks

PZB: Congrats on your release last Friday, “Albatross” on Kolour Recordings. I have really been enjoying it. Where can we find some of your other releases and do you have any other EP’s or projects in the pipeline you can tell us about?

GE: You can find the ‘Albatross Ep’ at Traxsource as a ‘Weekend Weapons’ right now before it hits Beatport and other digital retailers soon. Yeah – lots of exciting projects coming, I have a remix of Rob Benninger ’s Jumbotron (Greg Eversoul’s Broken Frame Mix) on Fade Records which is on pre-order at Beatport & Traxsource. Also there is dope EP on Superfreq in the pipeline as well as loads of tracks coming as half of a BIG time collaboration project which I can’t disclose here yet.. I’ve never been as excited as I am right now on the production side my music.

PZB: You have been involved in the west cost electronic music/ DJ/ Rave/ whatever you want to call it scene since the early 90’s. How did you get into house music to begin with and what were some of your early influences?

GE: I got into by going to the original parties in 1990 in Denver. From there friends and I would drive all the way to LA and SF to attend parties. I was influenced a lot from hearing Hipp-E in Denver, Doc Martin in LA and Jeno and the Wicked crew in SF. After a a few years into it I knew I had to move to SF where I spent nearly a decade.

PZB: You are a man on the move and seem to have homes in so many places. You have lived and had great success in several cities from San Francisco to Denver, San Diego and Los Angeles. Having been to all of them I can attest to their greatness. If you had to pick just one though to live and work in forever which one would it be and why?

GE: San Francisco is heart.. I can never stay away long. 10 years was not enough time there. L o v e it.

PZB: I know that everyone is different when it comes to their production methods but what has seemed to work the best for you as far as having a streamlined flow for creating your music?

GE: I have a simple set up running Logic and some plug ins. I add new stuff slowly. I find is easier with less options. What is your current setup? If money were no object how would you build our your dream studio?

GE: Oh man. Dunno.. Probably get the Adam monitors and a bunch of Moogs and a TB 303.

PZB: You have been fortunate ate enough to travel across the world and have supported so many amazing artists throughout your career. Just recently I was with you when you opened up for Marc Romboy at Endless Sky in Wyoming. Where are some of your favorite places that you have played away from the west coast?

GE: Away from the west coast: The AfterHours Anonymous/Mahesh Presents Parties in Denver, The Connect Festival in Saskatchewan Canada, & Flash in DC are the stand outs.

PZB: On a similar note you have a “Transitions” mix from a couple years back and have also had the opportunity to open up for its curator John Digweed. Tell us bit about how that came to be and what it was like to work with this legendary musical genius.

GE: Yes! I’m very, very grateful for the opportunity to have opened up for Diggers on a few occasions thanks to being a resident and favorite dj of for longtime friend and promoter Kaz Qamruddin. We were having lunch with him before one of the events in DC and I asked him about and he invited me to do it. It remains my most talked about mix ever and a very proud moment for me.

PZB: You’ve seen it all and I know you can use it all when it comes to Djing. From Vinyl to CD’s, Controllers and MP3/Wav’s and all of the tools in which to play them with. What is your ideal set up for gigs these days?

GE: For gigs it would be 2 or 3 CDJs, 2 turntables and the E&S DJR 400 Rotary mixer with Traktor probably for loops. Or just 2 turntables and good mixer.


1. GGP (Rob Grega/Greg Eversoul) – Secret Handshake (Handless Mix) -UNreleased
2. Extended Play – Usual Suspects – Carly Foxx Mix – FADE Records
3. Sebo K – It’s Alright (Original Mix) – Mobilee Records
4. Pablo Bolivar – A Special Night feat. John Vermont – Peppermint Jam
5. Pablo Bolivar – A Special Night feat. John Vermon Ian Pooley S Bassline Dub – Peppermint Jam
6. Sous Sol – Eventually (Original Mix) – Bondage Music
7. Eddie Richards – Someday (Original Mix) – SOCO Audio
8. Layo & Bushwacka! – Dancing in the Dark feat. Cevin Fisher (Guy Gerber & DJ Tennis Remix) – Olmeto Records
9. Greg Eversoul – Racket Wall – Kolour Recordings
10. Gorge – It’s Time (Original Mix) – Mobilee Records
11. Sasha – GameOvr (Greg Eversoul Edit) – Watergate Records
12. Mr. G – How Deep – Pheonix G
13. Ronnie Spiteri – Seduction (Original Mix) – Mobilee Records
14. Yotam Avni – Yamzo (Original Mix) – Hotflush Recordings
15. Page, Nils Penner – The Power Of Sound (Smash TV Remix) – Moodmusic
16. Greg Eversoul – Foot Finger – Kolour Recordings
17. Markus Homm – Feel It (Original Mix) – Poker Flat Recordings
18. Sasha – Do The Maff (Greg Eversoul Edit) – Circus Recordings
19. Stephen Brown – Deep In (Len Faki Hardspace Mix) – LF RMX
20. Steve Lawler – Par Amour (Original Mix) – VIVa MUSiC
21. Wallflower – Say You Won’t Ever (Deetron T-Line Version) – Defected
22. Andre Lodemann – Last Exit (Original Mix) – Freerange Records
23. Hyenah, Nonku – Phases – Freerange
24. Mario Puccio – The Strings 1 (Original Mix) – Alola Records

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