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LAMP Weekly Mix #191 feat. Bebetta

LAMP Weekly Mix #191 feat. Bebetta

We couldn’t be more excited about our guest mix this week! This week we have one from Monaberry recording artist Bebetta. Buckle up for 60 full minutes of Bebetta’s charming, signature fairy tale techno sound. Her distinctive sound offers a uniquely magical take on retro futurism and tech house that has helped to propel her to the top of the field.

MG: Hi Anika! Congratulations on your new EP with Cioz! What were you thinking about while you worked on ‘Elephant on Ebay’?

BB: Cioz and I were wondering if this item was allowed on ebay and how much the delivery would cost. But these questions will be answered soon. When the Vinyl is released we’ll sell an elephant on ebay. There will be an auction with the first sketch of the elephant. That plays the main role in the music video. The proceeds will be donated to an organization that helps our big grey friends with the long nose.

MG: Tell us a little about this mix that you have put together for us.

BB: A fairy tells you a little bedtime story so that you can close your eyes and drift away. For this she uses my actual favorite tracks and added some fairy dust on it.

MG: Your Bebetta In Bed podcast series is so charming! It’s an interesting twist to see some of our favorite DJ’s play a set in their pajamas. Where did you come up with the idea for it?

BB: It all takes place in my studio bed. My studio is so far away from home that it makes sense to stay there for more days. With time the studio grew and I got more and more equipment. For space reasons the CD player had to get out of the way and landed in front of the bed. When I received requests for podcasts I started recording out of my bed, got used to it and really enjoyed it. As soon as Facebook-live came up I connected both, added colorful pajamas, and invited some Dj-friends for some bed2bed sessions. „Bebetta In Bed“ was born.

MG: Tell us a bit about how you first started playing music.

BB: I never expected to make my way as a DJ and that it would actually get this far. In 2008 I got in touch with records and I really enjoyed playing music for myself or friends. One day a friend invited my to play at her party in a club in Bremen. I was not sure if I should do it because I didn’t see myself a DJ. But I tried it out and it was big fun. After this event I received my next request and with time I got more and more.

MG: We’re huge fans of the work you guys do over at Monaberry. How would you describe the creative environment over there? How did you first link up with the Monaberry crew?

BB: Monaberry is a very inspiring, humorous and personal community, that gives you space to unleash your ideas and realize them. I have loved this label since I started playing music. On a weekend in 2014 it happened that I had two gigs together with Super Flu and we got on well. A short time later I received some mail from them, we met again and after this they asked me to remix their famous „Volkwein“ track. That was the beginning of a really good collaboration and since then I have released two EPs on Monaberry.

MG: I’m always amazed by producers who manage to craft such beautiful music across a wide range of sounds. From ‘Estival’ to your remix of Drauf & Dran’s ‘Tied of the Tide’ you have shown a remarkable ability churn out quality music with completely different vibes. How do you feel your sound has evolved over the years?

BB: Thank you very much! Yes, the sound that I produce has a wide range. It’s similar to the DJ sets I play. It depends on the mood and atmosphere around me. I love to play with different sounds because it’s like telling a interesting story that needs to have up and downs, tension and relaxation parts, light and darkness. Over the years I learned much better how to express special moods in a musical way. I have met many artists who have brought me a lot of knowledge and with the time I am doing more and more experiences.

MG: In the past you have called your music ‘Fairy Tale techno’. You obviously draw a lot of inspiration from the magical and surreal aspects of life. What kinds of things do you do to get your creative juices flowing?

BB: I get my best ideas at night, so I like to stay awake and work at this time. Everything is so quiet and I get a lot of inspirations.

MG: How do you have your home studio set up?

BB: In the past I worked a lot only with computer, but with the time more and more hardware was coming. My actual favorite is the Moog Voyager RME.

MG: Anything you can tell us about what you are working on at the moment?

BB: Yes. At the moment I am working for a new EP on monaberry.


1. Marino Canal – Over (Mood)
2. Pablo Bolivar – Dahnser (Endless)
3. Kalyma – Again (Solide)
4. Hannes Bieger – Strato (Poker Flat)
5. John Monkman – Trusting Source (Noir)
6. Donatello, Shane Blackshaw – Catch 23, Sascha Bremer’s Night Remix (Stripped Recordings)
7. Nick Curly – Second Lick (8Bit)
8. iROB – I Love This Track, Stefano Noferini Mix (Juicy Music)
9. SIS – The Blind Side, Rodriguez Jr. Remix (Crosstown Rebels)
10. Bebetta & Cioz – Cow Kau (Monaberry)
11. Death In Vegas – Transwave (Drone)

Check out Bebetta and CIOZ’s latest EP ‘Elephant On Ebay’ below!

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